Military nurses and doctors 2022/05/20

The President has been given other information and the suspicion falls on López-Gatell: “Mexico does not have medical specialists”, the truth is that we do. The country has health professionals and among them are military doctors and nurses.

It is personnel committed to the country. In compliance with his duty, he does not rebel if he is assigned to the poorest and most remote communities of the national territory, or if it is about violent areas, with the presence of drug traffickers.

For what is this? To his military discipline. Doctors and nurses received professional training at the Military Medical School, one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country.

It was created in 1881, during the mandate of President Manuel González, after Colonel Francisco Montes de Oca, surgeon, headed a commission and presented to President Porfirio Díaz —Montes de Oca’s predecessor—, a project for the creation of a school that would be dedicated to the preparation of future military surgeons, upon being approved, it opened its doors on January 15, 1881.

Today, the EMM maintains the commitment to train doctors and nurses of excellence, without neglecting military discipline and ethics, which makes them competent to perform at the first level of medical care of the Army and FAM, under the scientific principles , ethical, humanistic and military doctrine.

Nobody is unaware that military hospitals have the best and most recognized specialists, not only in cardiology, neurology, gynecology, obstetrics or pediatrics, but also in all branches of medical science, in addition to the fact that military medicine is in charge of the health of the high command, which includes the President of the Republic.

But the road is not easy, to enter the EMM the applicants must go through an odyssey and later they must face similar situations to graduate, due to the high demand and discipline to which they are subjected.

Thousands of applicants sign up each year, but only the most qualified are accepted. At the end of their studies they graduate with the position of second lieutenant, with a position and salary; from there they are sent to hospitals and clinics in the regions and military zones throughout the country, in addition to being incorporated into the brigades that are carried out each year for the benefit of the civilian population and in the DN-III Plan, which is applied in the national and international.

Being a military doctor involves a high degree of training and study. That is why they are a select and small group within the medical sector in Mexico.

Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, pressures the López Obrador government for the more than 100,000 disappeared while Alejandro Encinas and the Government do not know where to start.

Criticism of the 4T government continues, after the President ratified his concern for the criminals, but they do not give hugs or feel remorse to shoot down elements of the FA and the GN, as happened recently in Jalisco and Guerrero.

We have said it, the strategy of hugs, not bullets failed, there are the more than 120 thousand intentional homicides so far in this six-year term. The President is wrong to listen to Rosa Icela Rodríguez and Ricardo Mejía.

Given the urgency, the Defense ministers have met, Luis Cresencio; of Navy, Rafael Ojeda; from the GN, Luis Rodríguez, and from the CNI, Audomaro Martínez, to plan a new strategy that they will soon present to the President.

Sedena dealt the CJNG in Michoacán a good blow, dismantling 5 narco-laboratories.


Our deepest condolences to the families of members of the GN, Segundo Martínez, Herrera Martínez and Jiménez Acevedo, killed by hyenas from organized crime.

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