Marie-Claire | Selena Gomez’s trick haircut: refines the face, rejuvenates and makes you taller

We have something important to tell you: hair is a key accessory in your image that can completely transform you, just like clothes or makeup. If you are thinking of changing your image for this new season, we have the perfect proposal. Pay attention to Selena Gomez trick haircut with which you will achieve a three in one: balance the proportions of your face, take a few years off yourself and add centimeters to your silhouette. And you may be thinking, all that with a simple hairstyle?

Indeed, and we are going to tell you why. First of all tell you the name of what you should ask for in the pelu: ‘botteneck bob’. The singer has just released it and she has created a real need for us. We want it!

Selena Gomez's trick haircut: refines the face, rejuvenates and makes you taller
Selena Gomez

As its name suggests, it is a bob, but renewed with two trends, the shaggy effect and the open fringe. The result is a layered bob with a lot of movement, perfect for summer and very easy to style. The question is, who does it favor? And here is the answer:

1-To the round faces, like Selena’s, because it visually refines them and makes them more angular. The secret is in the volume, the open and somewhat unstructured bangs, in the strands that soften the oval, achieving a more diamond shape, and in the length, a little below the chin. Look at the photo of the singer and you will see.

2-If your neck is not too long you will check how it looks more stylized. First because of the strategic length, below the nape of the neck, and second because of the movement of the layers that provides air. Whether you wear it loose and casual, or if you decide to pull it back with a wet effect, it will work.

3-Are you short? Don’t worry, this new bob helps you add inches almost unintentionally. It’s the perfect size for a slimmer overall look.

4-Rejuvenates even if you don’t need it, like it happens to Selena. Her new haircut takes years away, so if you’re 30, you’ll be in your 20s, and if you’re past 40, you’ll be back in your 30s without getting a facelift. They are all advantages.

5-Provides density to fine hair and will make it look like you have more. So if you want to go from skinny to skinny, you already know which cut is the best for you.

We know that you loved it and that you already dream of wearing it, go for it because it will be very comfortable for the beach season, since it is easy to comb. You can dry it in the air, apply some texture or fixing product and that’s it. The key is that it be fresh and carefree, so no worked waves, at best light surf style, and no extreme straightening that would take away from the grace. To finish with the advantages, note that it has a good growth process. That is to say, as the weeks go by and it grows, it will not completely lose its shape and you will continue to be gorgeous with it. Put it on your favorites list now.

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