Margot Robbie as producer and protagonist of a new installment of “The Big Swindle”

Warner Bros announced that a new film will be produced of the now considered classic, “The Big Swindle”, which appeared in 2001 and was performed by Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Y Julia Roberts; will now leave in charge of margot robbie of producing it as being the protagonist.

On this occasion the director JayRoach, who worked with Robbie on the drama ‘The scandal’will direct this movie.

While Carrie Solomon He will be the one in charge of the script and the story would take the protagonists to Europe in the 60s, since this time the story will go back in time from the last film.

The last title of the franchise was Ocean’s 8: The Scammers,made by Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett Y Anne Hathawayand directed by Gary Ross.

This group did not have the expected success, so Warner decided to face the franchise from another side. Betting on a story of a gang of swindlers / thieves, and that the attraction remains to bring each of the team members together as in the rest of the franchise.

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Warner shared the plan to carry out the prequel of Ocean’s start production in the first half of 2023 and that would not yet be 100% confirmed for the reasons stated above.

According to the American media, hollywoodreporterso far those involved in the new film, in addition to actress and director, are the producers Tom Ackerley (Promising Young Woman) Y Michelle Graham (The scandal), and executive producers Olivia Milch and Josey McNamara.

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Although the idea of ​​having Robbie as part of “The Great Swindle” sounds attractive, this has not been confirmed in official sources, although the possibilities are high and the media already take it for granted.

The only thing that could prevent or complicate the project is the busy schedule that Margot has lately, since she is in plans for other films, such as the production of Barbie, She was also invited by Disney to take her to Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship as the new leader of Pirates of the Caribbean.


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