Madness in France! Tyson Fury is filmed drunk and attacking a taxi


After he retired, Tyson Fury was filmed drunk and attacking a taxi in Cannes, France.

Tyson Fury is filmed drunk and attacking a taxi.
© GettyTyson Fury is filmed drunk and attacking a taxi.

last april Tyson Fury returned to the ring to make, in theory, his last presentation against Dillian Whyte at the Tottenham Stadium. Moreover, in the last hours the King of the Gypsies was filmed drunk on the streets of France, in which he kicks a taxi. In turn, his father confirmed that they had a drunken night.

The history of the British was from the world of boxing has given a lot of material to cut because he had a hard time with his addictions. It is known that the current WBC World Champion defeated Wladimir Klitschko in a great fight and was later stripped of all his belts for testing positive for different drugs.

On the other hand, after his last fight against Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury affirmed that he was retiring from boxing and wanted to enjoy his family. However, in the last few hours he was captured in Cannes, France, with his father. In the footage you can see that he is drunk and kicks a taxi.

In turn, the King of the Gypsies was shown the next day with his father, John Fury, in which they went for a run and claimed that they went out the night before and that they had drunk. “Nice run this morning, Dad, around town, sweat some drinks,” expressed the boxer to what his father said “Yes, we had too many last night, too many. Strong beer, the strongest I’ve ever had”.

It should be remembered that the World Boxing Council spoke of Tyson Fury’s idea of ​​retiring and said that they will support him whatever his decision is. “There is no rush to pressure him or his team to make decisions. We will be in communication, he is on vacation with his family ”, commented Mauricio Sulaiman.

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