López-Gatell challenges Associations and Colleges of Medicine to present a list of doctors willing to go to marginalized areas

Faced with the criticism and rejection that the hiring of 500 Cuban doctorsthe undersecretary of prevention and health promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellchallenged critics to present a list of doctors willing to go care for patients in marginalized areas.

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“It would be fabulous if we have an official statement tomorrow, for example from the National Academy of Medicine or from the Mexican Academy of Surgery or the Academy of Pediatrics saying: here is the list not of 500 but of these 13,000 doctors of different ages, with different degrees of training and experience that we make available as civil associations for that they go to the marginalized areas of our country,” he declared.

In an interview, Undersecretary López-Gatell asked his critics to deny them as a government, and to tell them: “don’t bring the Cubans anymore, here we are and we are ready to go to the Tarahumara zone or to the Chiapas Highlands or to the Sierra Juárez in Oaxaca or to the most disadvantaged areas in Michoacán”.

He insisted that the deficiencies of the National Health System did not arise in December 2018 or yesterday, “it is a historical deficiency, we have said it. Let no one want to deny that since the 1980s we have entered a process of destructuring the National Health System”.

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He said that just like doctors, any professional is at risk of violence in some areas of the country, which was exacerbated in the 2006-2012 six-year term “due to this failed adventure called by the then president the war on drug trafficking and which has led to more than a hundred thousand people missing or dead, that’s the root cause.”


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