La Nación / He organized his birthday and invited his friends, but no one left

A few days ago, a young woman had her birthday and to celebrate it in advance she had organized a party to which she invited all her friends, but to the surprise and misfortune, no one went. This was made known by the woman known under the Doli Pocket user, who used her Facebook account to make her sadness and frustration public.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t even have anyone to vent to, today was my birthday and literally I was announcing it for days and weeks, only my boyfriend came who made my day, but I invited several close friends according to me, but absolutely none appeared”, he said at the beginning of his story.

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And although he tried to justify many of them by saying that several went out partying the night before and that they had other things to do, but in the end he had no choice but to admit that his birthday was not that important, since “others neither saw nor answered the invitations, others even did not confirm attendance”, he highlighted.

And at the same time he expressed: “It’s normal, but it really hurts, my mom even decorated, made several pizzas and two cakes so that it could reach everyone.” “I feel horrible for not being good enough to be friends with someone, I know the post will be ignored, but seriously she needed to vent.”

Shortly after making her situation public, Doli’s publication was a trend on various digital platforms, so Internet users reacted quickly by filling her with greetings and messages of support.

To which she replied with another letter: “Friends, it doesn’t bother me at all that it has gone viral, it’s nice to find people who went through the same situation and support each other, I enjoy being able to help other people like me.” And she clarified that if she commented on what was happening to her, it was not to attract attention, “I just wanted to vent,” she pointed out.

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Young Doli Pocket along with her mother. Photo: Courtesy.

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