Kim Kardashian accidentally shows her iPhone screen in video and fans’ suspicions about her are “proven”

KIM Kardashian accidentally showed his iPhone screen in a video.

Fans on Reddit believe she’s shown suspicion about her that they’ve been thinking about for a while.

Kim Kardashian accidentally shows her iPhone screen in a video and they are


In a clip from the latest episode of the family’s Hulu show, Kim’s iPhone screen is shown and fans have noticed some quirky apps.

The phone was in the scene where Kim found out if she passed the bar or not.

He gets in the car with his kids and Tracy.

As she talks to her children, she picks up the phone and her background is clearly visible.

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“Kimmy’s phone screen. Note the Facetune app. Plus, she’s never snappy but she’s got the app… I wonder who you use her to talk to lol, ”a fan posted on Reddit.

In the past, fans have accused her of using Facetune and Photoshop to alter her body and face.

Now that fans have captured a Facetune app on her phone, they think they’ve confirmed their suspicions about her.

They also pointed out that he has Snapchat on his phone but never uses it publicly, so who is he talking to?


After Kim was captured, Kardashian fans couldn’t help but call her for using the Snow app.

“It’s sad that all the editing apps are at the forefront of his damn phone,” one fan pointed out.

Another fan chimed in saying, “They really are out there exposing themselves oh my god lol.”

“She let it go for a while too,” a fan told them.

A Reddit user said it was so obvious that he used those apps, “I mean he obviously has photo editing apps? He is giving water is wet ”.


While fans were concerned about his face-tuning apps, they also pointed to other weird apps on his phone.

In addition to Snapchat, they noted that it also has The DailyMail app, along with Shopify POS, TMZ, WhatsApp, and Bolt, which is a running app.

Others were shocked at how chaotic its home screen is.

“I’m shocked at how chaotic his home screen is. Small folders, let’s get organized, ”said one fan.

To which, another fan agreed: “Seriously. You are giving me anxiety “.

One fan pointed out that they think he reads everything and probably has Reddit too.


Kim has been accused of having photoshopped her life and body in the past and even used the face melody on her face.

In a mirror selfie taken in January, fans noticed that the phone case he was holding was “warped” and had a curved line – a telltale sign that something has been changed.

His eagle-eyed followers were quick to notice the apparent editing error on his phone.

They speculated that the founder of SKIMS had used the “FaceTune” retouching app to thin the face or give the illusion of more volume to the hair.

Meanwhile, last June, Kim faced a similar backlash as she posed by the pool at her black bikini villa.

In one photo, the KUWTK alum posed to the side while sitting on a bench before switching positions and showing fans her butt.

Fans quickly pointed out that the photo had been edited to make it look slimmer.

The plastic surgery blog Problematic Fame zoomed in on the first image and pointed out that the background had been distorted, suggesting that the image had been altered.


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These are just a few examples of Kim getting upset over photos.

She was also accused of using an editing app on her children and boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian in the latest episode of Hulu after finding out if she passed the bar


Kim Kardashian was accused of photoshopping her face after fans noticed her phone was warped


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