Kate Middleton, the new beauty look inspired by Generation Z

Other than Tom Cruise, at the London premiere of Top Gun: Maverick undisputed celebrity was Kate Middleton. We do not want the American star, returned in the role of Pete Mitchell 36 years after the first time, but when the Duchess of Cambridge appeared alongside the actor and her husband William, for a moment we wondered if it was the red carpet in London or Cannes.

Kate Middleton on the red carpet of Top Gun: Maverick, in London © Getty Images.

Max Mumby / Indigo

Kate Middleton, a modern and high-impact hair look

Middleton amazed with a super contemporary beauty look, especially on the hairstyle front, very different from those to which we have become accustomed over the years. Putting aside curls, fluffy styling and elaborate harnesses, she sported a perfect straight hair worthy of Ariana Grande And Dua Lipa, but all natural, at least apparently.

Straight hair and XXL lengths, in fact, are one of the favorite combinations of Generation Z girls, governed by center line just like the Duchess did. The side one, in fact, seems decidedly out for the celebs born between the end of the Nineties and the first decade of the 2000s, and the boys also like it. A more casual hairlook, based on an equal distribution of volumes, easy to achieve even for those who do not have great dexterity with brushes and hairdryers.

A perfect red carpet look for Middleton © Getty Images.

Karwai Tang

To accompany the hairstyle, the signed long dress Roland Mouret: an essential mermaid line in perfect match with the hairstyle chosen by Kate and with her slender figure.

Discreet eyeliner and lipstick, two great classics

No revolution, however, on the makeup front. Kate Middleton remains faithful to eyeliner, always (and always) present in her beauty case, and to a discreet lipstick. For the red carpet of Top Gun: Maverick he chose a peach nuance with a creamy texture, as he did on May 18th at a Garden party at Buckingham Palace. However, her eyebrows, brushed and impeccably shaped, were noticeable, so much so that it is thought that Kate Middleton also resorted to lamination for show off precise and defined arches and from classic fluffy effect given by this treatment, nicknamed the “eyebrow lifting”.

The new Kate, never looked so beautiful

The rest, on the other hand, is a small revolution, which actually began when the Duchess turned 40, last January. Since then, Kate Middleton has been looking different, brighter and more contemporary. Small adjustments, from laminated eyebrows, to more lively looks, often studied according to the color scheme (it is a Spring and for some months she has been focusing much more on this art of enhancing oneself, even though she is not a slave to it).

The rest do the role, the conscious certainty of having conquered a decisive place within the royal family, and maturity. The Duchess is at the height of her beauty today more than in the past, and dares because she is sure of herself; she no longer needs a retro hairstyle to feel part of the system. She did it, there is no doubt.

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