Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and Federica Pellegrini: four brides-to-be and their wedding dresses

We played a game by crossing wedding fashion trends, attitude of style and personality of bride-to-be more expectations of the star system, to try to guess with which model of wedding dress they will charm us all. In fact, 2022 will go down in history as the year in which the wedding, and of course also the famous ones, resumed with great fanfare after the stop and the limitations of Covid. Many have already been the rings heralds of eternal promises spotted on social networks and on the Net that are only waiting for the fateful date. The newlyweds Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz don’t want it but, without a doubt, the wedding of the year is the one announced between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez that rides the wave of the nostalgia effect and melts even the bedside tables in jujube broth.

Ever since Ben gave his (re) beloved JLo a super sparkle from the mega green diamond, we can’t wait to know the wedding date: orange blossoms to the nth degree, after we were blown away with them. dry almost 20 years ago a step away from the altar, we expect them. Of course starting with pop star wedding dress arrived at wedding number 4. Will it amaze us with special effects? She will wear a model with a thousand and one sparkles like the one by Zuhair Murad shown in the last film Marry Me? Who knows … In our opinion it could also give us the vision of a minidress in the wake of the one worn at the premiere of the aforementioned film which, moreover, was a lace wedding dress from Love Collection by Giambattista Valli. So why not focus on the short rather than on a tight-fitting or princely dress, perhaps a little discounted?

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On the sexy side of bridal fashion, he will, in all likelihood, focus Britney Spears of which, while not yet knowing the day of the wedding with her boyfriend Sam Ashgari (the two have made it known via Instagram that they have already set the date without revealing it), we do know the brand that will sign her wedding dress: Versace. So we believe that, in pure Medusa style, the white dress could feature hot silhouettes and details. The only certainty at the moment is the veil, posted in preview, and complete with a cat, by the same Britney who wrote in caption: «Meet Wendy 🐈 !!! And yes, this is the veil of my wedding dress 👰 !!! “

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Dense mystery instead on the details of the marriage of Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun. For the Canadian singer this is the third Big Day and, if in 2006 she showed off a candid princess dress and in 2013 a gothic wedding dress by Monique Lhullier (then a risky choice at the very least), now she could bet, maybe, on a black & white mix, or maybe choose a dark style again, since wedding black dresses are very trendy, as confirmed by Pinterest which has seen searches for black wedding dresses grow tenfold. Last option, Avril could arrive at the altar this time in pink, a color that she has always loved and that characterized her engagement party in Paris.

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More information we have instead on the last expected wedding on the agenda, or the one between Federica Pellegrini and his partner and former coach Matteo Giunta. The wedding of the former swimming super champion will take place at the end of August and is also known the name of the atelier that will dress her: Nicole Milano, Italian company in the wedding sector. To reveal it the same sportswoman who revealed some details in the Instagram Stories at the end of March, showing a wide tulle skirt and then a V-neck bodice decorated with beads and sequins. Usually Pellegrini has a trendy, decisive and rock style, so it is likely that she wanted to mislead her final choice by showing a princely style.

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On the fateful yes day, will he amaze everyone with a fairytale creation or will he opt for something more essential but effective? We favor the latter and we do not struggle, for example, to imagine it wrapped in a practical but chic jumpsuit or a trouser suit with strong details.

Will our fashion predictions be accurate? How they will dress Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and Federica Pellegrini for their upcoming wedding? In the meantime, in the gallery, here are the bridal looks from the bridal shows of this beautiful season and the next that we have imagined for them. In short, four weddings and a toto-dress.

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