Is the dissolution of the Migos underway?

In more recent years, the best known of the trap groups, formed by the trio of Migoshas had a notable musical and commercial decline, losing many numbers of sales and media power: following this recent crisis of the group, various signs suggest their imminent dissolution.

The crisis that would lead to the dissolution of the Migos

When in January 2017 the Migos released Cultures marked an essential moment for ’10s hip hop.

The record was certified as a real classic, driven by international mega hits such as Bad & Boujee And Slipperywhich helped to paint the sound of the trap in the global collective imagination.

Following the following year it came out Culture II and became a comparable blockbuster. With their immense success they were among the biggest drivers of trap music, along with other artists like Future And Gucci Manetaking the success of the genre beyond all expectations.

The success of the trio as a group was so marked that they even worked individually. The rappers began to scatter in a myriad of features divided between songs of high musical invoice, such as ??? (Where), Keep It 100 or Blue Cheese, and colossal mega-hits. Quavo, already in 2017 appeared in super successful collaborations such as Congratulations from Post Malone And I’m the One from DJ Khaled. In Italy one of his features that shocked the Italian public the following year is certainly the appearance in Cupid from Sfera Ebbasta contained in Rockstar. Offset among his most memorable extra-Migos appearances certainly counts the single with Metro Boomin ‘ Ric Flair Drip of 2017.

In late 2018 Takeoff and Quavo even attempted solo albums, with Offset following them in early 2019. All three projects however received extremely miserable results compared to their group work.

From that moment Quavo and Takeoff moved away from the spotlight for unknown reasons for a couple of years, with sporadic featuring, while Offset turned into a sort of Fedez of the overseas ghetto, ending up being less known for his music, and more for sterile controversy and gossip regarding his marriage to Cardi B.

This divisive environment in the group they tried to hide in 2021 with Cultures III, but the result qualitatively and commercially reflected the crisis of the group in full, in an album that for the majority of the public was considered unworthy to bear the name of the previous ones.

The casus belli in the group

The name of the group “Migos” is an abbreviation of the term amigos. The group has always put their brotherhood and affiliation as their strong point, in lyrics and imagery.

But lately, things seem less and less friendly to each other. On May 18th, Quavo announced a new single with teammate Takeoffas a signed duo Unc and Phew short for uncle And nephew (as Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle). The single, titled Hotel Lobbywill be released on May 20, and the other member of the trio, Offsetdoes not seem to be happy.

While he hasn’t (yet) publicly exposed himself about it, on Instagram Offset has stopped following his bandmates, not posting any messages regarding their joint single. The icing on the cake: Quavo had previously anticipated a tour for the album Cultures III of the Migos of 2021, but those shows ended up never being announced, and fallen by the wayside.

In light of these facts, it is evident that the group has not only reached a definitive dissolution, but that it could even start a feud between them, which could sanction a definitive end for the Migos, the most iconic team in the history of trap.

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