Investors terrify companies with their predictions

michael buryeconomist, investor and doctor known for predicting major economic catastrophesrecently jumped back to the front pages of the newspapers for announcing the resounding fall of the company streaming Netflixwhich reported in April having lost more than 200 thousand subscribers.

Burry’s predictions have already been the subject of analysis, hours of television, rivers of ink in the newspapers and even stories made into movies. In 2015 it premiered The Big Shorta film starring Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt, where it is told how in the year 2000, the Californian investor, predicted the bursting of the so-called collapse of the housing bubble.

In 2001, he would found Scion Capital LLC, a hedge fund that worked for 8 years with which he entered the financial market and that, later, would allow him to play a leading role in the crisis that would break out 7 years later.

With his talent for anticipate major market meltdowns conducted a study that found that many subprime mortgages would lose much of their value once interest rates rose sharply.

Based on this report, he managed to obtain the sale of non-payment insurance by two large banking entities, which allowed him to amass a fortune of 1,000 million dollars according to BBVA.

In recent years his activity as a shareholder has been characterized by pointing to Tesla. GameStop, bitcoin, dogecoin, Robinhood and again to the real estate sector as red lights of excess speculation in the financial markets.

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