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Billie Eilish on social media gives fans photos of her backstage: the blonde conquers, hot shot and neckline in evidence

Billie Eilish is now a full-fledged star. The singer is not only one of the most important names in world music, but a true icon for her generation. The very young American artist (although she has been one of the leading names in music for years now, she is just 20 years old) is also very popular on social networks. Her page is followed by over 100 million followers. You are in fact one of the most followed musical artists on the platform.

billie eilish 20052022
Billie Eilish (Instagram screenshot)

On social networks the Eilish interacts with his many fans. In his profile he shares what are all his professional updates about him, such as new releases, photo shoots, interviews, and exclusive shots from the many events he has been the protagonist of. On Instagram, however, fans also have the opportunity to see the more reserved side of the singer. There Eilish she may be a superstar, but she is still a 20-year-old girl who likes to show her passions on social networks, says her on current affairs (Billie is very active on the human rights front) and tells about her days and her daily life, despite the fact that the singer is always very reserved regarding her private sphere.

Billie Eilish, the blond conquer: the hot photo enchants the fans: “You’re a queen”

billie eilish 20052022
Billie Eilish (Instagram screenshot)

In the last post published on his channel the Eilish has published a slideshow, a series of images, all with one point in common: the singer’s blonde hair. Billie Eilish over the course of his career he has really sported a lot of looks. For some time the singer has returned to having dark hair, but on social media she wanted to express her nostalgia for the blond period in her own way.

“Some blonde stuff in my phone for you,” the singer joked. There are really many images that the Eilish showed off in the slideshow. In an image that did not go unnoticed by the fans, the singer showed off a sort of flesh-colored bra-corset that highlighted her shapes. One of the singer’s “hidden” tattoos can also be seen.

The fans literally went crazy. “A queen” “Marry me” “Beautiful” “Oh my god”. In a few hours the post has collected over 4 million likes and hundreds of comments, demonstrating the great success and affection that Billie also received on the web.

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