Hot Sale 2022, tips from Confusef to take care of your money

the days of Hot Sale 2022 are getting closer to the May 23 to 31 people will be able to find various online promotions and discounts. Many wait for those days to buy a technological item or for their home at a lower price.

But while those days may seem very attractive to shop, you should also know that these events could pose a risk to consumers’ wallets if they don’t shop wisely.

Tips from the Condusef for the Hot Sale

Before the Hot Sale begins, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) has released some tips for people to take care of their money this season.

The first is very simple, as you know, all Hot Sale promotions are online, so Condused recommends:

  • Go directly to the merchant’s page, ignore the offers that arrive by mail
  • Make sure the site address starts with “https://”
  • The computer, cell phone or tablet from which you are going to buy, must have an antivirus
  • Check the opinion of other users before making your purchase

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Payment capacity

In general, Hot Sale purchases are on “credit” or “monthly payment”, which can be very attractive, viable and even convenient in certain cases. Before making a purchase, evaluate your ability to pay to see if you can comply in a timely manner.

Before buying, it is recommended that you calculate the amount of money that you can allocate each month to pay off the debt. To achieve this, calculate your monthly income, subtract your fixed expenses and your savings.

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The result of this exercise is the amount for which you can borrow without putting your financial stability at risk. The recommendation of the Condusef is not to allocate more than 30% of your net monthly income to the payment of debts.

For more information on this and other topics, visit the Tips section.

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