Expert analyzes Amber Heard’s body language during trial

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It’s been two weeks since Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard for defamation began. DSince its inception, things have come to light that have left everyone surprised and details of their relationship that have had to be analyzed to understand them.

In social networks, users’ mistrust prevails against the actress who gave life to ‘Mera’ in ‘Aquaman’, because, they say, there are gestures and postures that could give her awaysuspecting that he lies in his statements.

Maryfer Centeno is a renowned graphologist and personality specialist who is dedicated to analyzing and sharing on social networks the body language of different actors, musicians, politicians and more. This time he did the same with Amber Heard thanks to recordings of the trial.

One of the things that most questioned Amber’s statements was the way she expressed herself, according to Maryfer, her image is sad but at the same time angry.

She should be crying or that’s what she wants us to believe, she only begins to twist her voice but there are no tears. There are no tears, but there is an expression of aggression and a threat with a raised jaw,” Maryfer began about one of the shared videos.

As interpreted by the specialist in graphology, despite the fact that Amber tries to show sadness, the gestures are not consistent with them: “We see how even the look is sad but there are no tears, why? Because there is no consistency.

“At some moments it seems that she is going to bite us or that she is going to attack us because she is very angry, because she feels very helpless, we see this when her shoulders are even very tense and she dresses similar to Johnny Depp at other times”, mentioned.

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