Camila Cabello is a very Latin Cinderella


“ANDIt is an honor to be able to play such an iconic character, with such a well-known name, but in a totally different way,” actress Camila Cabello said on the occasion of cinderellaa film in which he stars, based on the classic Cinderellaand which is available on Amazon Prime.

Also, I am super proud to be representing my Latin people and to be able to be the vehicle of all the incredible messages that this film has, because it is Cinderella, but not as we have seen it before. It is Cinderella with the values ​​of these times, of 2021, the values ​​of feminism, inclusivity, diversity and independence”, commented the Cuban-born singer.

The film made me grow a lot as a person and I think it also inspired a lot in the process of writing my new album. I have been working since I was 15 years old and I suppose that the experience in music is a lonely experience, but cinema has to do much more with a whole community of people, where intimacy with another person depends.

And that’s what I also brought to the process of collaborating on the new album, perhaps creating much more intimate and vulnerable music. I don’t know if it would have happened like this, without the experience I had with the cinema. I also think that the character of Cinderella, before and after the cinema, changed me a lot. I was inspired by the character, by her strength, her bravery and her freshness. That personality inspired me a lot, ”said the 24-year-old, who also dubbed her character for the Spanish version.

It was a super experience doing the dubbing for me in Spanish and also keeping a good sense of humor in Spanish.”

Camila Cabello was born in Cuba (in the city of Cojimar). Her father, Alejandro Cabello, is Mexican and until she was 6 years old, Camila spent her time traveling between Cuba and Mexico, until they moved to Miami with her mother, Sinuhé Estrabao (the father had to wait 18 months because at first he did not get the visa).

Since 2008, Camila has an American nationality and also lived her own fairy tale thanks to The X Factor. After she was eliminated, Simon Cowell became her godfather, calling her back to offer to form a group with fellow contestants Ally Brooke, Normani, Lauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane. They finished third, but rose to fame as the group Fifth Harmony.

recorded as a soloist I Know What You Did Last Summerwith Shawn Mendes, and shortly after became the first singer in the last 15 years to reach first place in the Billboard’s Hot 100, Billboard 200 and Artist 100 rankings in the same week. In 2016 Bad Things was streamed 400 million times. The topic havana reached the top of the ranking. Her courtship with Shawn Mendes was also official, when Miss became the most listened to song on Spotify, in addition to being nominated for Best Pop Duo at the Grammys. Now he is heard with Cinderella never asked for a princetape theme.

Curiously, I wrote that song much earlier, at the time of Fifth Harmony, when I composed alone, in the bathroom. Six years later I was offered the opportunity to be Cinderella. It’s funny that he wrote in that song that Cinderella never asked for a prince and this character is like that too,” she commented.

Music helped me a lot in my development as an actress. The musical parts of the film weren’t as challenging as the acting part, because that wasn’t something new to me, like the dialogue and the acting.

But I think the process is also quite similar, between the two roles. Have empathy for your character and see everything through his eyes, without taking everything so seriously, trying to have as much fun as possible.

Now I don’t have anything planned in acting, but after having starred in this movie, I fell in love with the experience,” he said.

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