Anne Hathaway dazzled at Cannes 2022 with the premiere of a new film

The Cannes Film Festival seems to have already found its star for this 2022: Anne Hathaway. The actress stole all eyes on the Red Carpet of her new movie, Armageddon Time, that has her back at the festivals of the seventh art.

A) Yes, the networks quickly began to celebrate the Oscar winner, who also shone in the subsequent events. All this, while the first reactions of this long-awaited film.

Anne Hathaway shines in Cannes

As part of the launch of Armageddon Time, Anne Hathaway posed in front of the Cannes 2022 cameras. The actress wore a white Armani Privé for her debut at the festivalone of the most important in the film industry.

“Every time I see Anne Hathaway she is 5 YEARS LESS”, “let’s take care of the planet that is the only one where Anne Hathaway exists”, “How will Anne Hathaway be more and more beautiful”, were some of the viral reactions in networks.

It is the first time that the interpreter arrives at Cannes and broke it on social networks with her outfiteither. However, it wasn’t just her outfit that had the users talking, it was also the reactions to his film.

Anne Hathaway in Cannes
Anne Hathaway in Cannes

Armageddon Time is the new film by James Gray, the director behind the acclaimed Ad Astra. It is a family drama about a family in Queens, New York during the 1980s and the changes they see in the country and how these might affect them.

Anne Hathaway
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It is Anne Hathaway who stars in this filme, which already had its official premiere at Cannes 2022. It is joined by Jeremy Strong (Succession) and the legendary Anthony Hopkinyes Also, Jessica Chastain has a surprise role as Maryanne TrumpDonald Trump’s sister.

"Armageddon Time" Photocall The 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival

The first reactions already indicate that it is one of the favorites to win the Palme d’Or, the most important award at Cannes. In Rotten Tomatoeswith already 25 reviews, debuted with a 92% approval and applause for the script and its performances.

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