Amber Heard once revealed that she wants to copy Angelina Jolie’s career: “I can’t think of anyone better”

As of early 2022, Amber Heard appears on screen every day, but not as an actor. Between live TV, broadcast coverage, and daily recaps, their acrimonious libel trial against Johnny Depp puts them both in front of millions of people every day. Heard’s career may never be the same, but before her marriage, her divorce, and her court proceedings with Depp, she said that she wanted Angelina Jolie’s modeling career. So far, she has done a decent job.

Amber Heard wants a career like Angelina Jolie

Heard stopped her acting jobs in 2012 after 2011 the rum diary (the film in which she and Depp met) has hit theaters, according to her IMDb page. She came back in 2013 with Syrup, ParanoiaY machete kills.

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