Álvaro de Luna, Camila Cabello, Morat, Aitana… 45 successes to warm up engines for the summer

Success list

With these temperatures you will surely not stop thinking about summer, heat, sun and party. we bring you one play list made to measure to withstand high temperatures to the rhythm of the best hits of Europe FM.

They say that until May 40 you don’t take off your coat, but we are convinced that the heat has come to stay. And with these temperatures we can only think of one thing… Summer. We propose 45 themes to warm up engines for the season of the year par excellence.

For lovers of heat, we have the perfect hits to celebrate that summer is coming. To pay homage to the current temperatures we propose tropical climatehe of Daniel Fernandez, Eternal oath of salt Y rise up to the sunfrom Alvaro de Luna, Y Heat Waves from Glass Animals.

For those who miss the cold, we have everything under control: Cold Heart from Dua Lipa Y Elton John, Please don’t gofrom beret Y Morat, Stay from Kid Laroy Y Justin Bieber, Don’t Go Yet from Camila Hair Y In The Dark from Purple Disco Machine & Sophie and The Giants.

Summer for many is synonymous with partying and good vibes, as Follow from J Balvin ft Ed Sheeran, berlin from Aitana, Everything about you from Raw Alexander, Bam Bam from Camila Hair Y Fame from Rosalia ft The Weeknd Ready to give it your all on the dance floor?

If they seem few to you, don’t worry, we have more hits hidden up our sleeves: Don’t be Shy from Pot Y Carol G, toy story from lola indigo, Light music from Ana MenaFormentera Aitana Y Nicky Nicole either Blinding Lights from The Weeknd.

we leave you the play list complete so you can enjoy the best hits of Europe FM Hit play!


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