After controversy with Nodal, Belinda unleashes rumors of a new romance

CITY OF MEXICO.- This morning the names of Christian Nodal and the singer Belinda became a trend in social networks, after the regional Mexican interpreter made use of his social networks to respond to the alleged hints that the mother of his ex-girlfriend, Mrs. Belinda Schüll, has done in her different profiles.

Nodal exposed one of the most private and controversial parts of his relationship with the Spanish artist, publishing an image in which his ex-fiancée asked him for money to fix his teeth, in addition to a certain amount that would be destined for his parents. Recall that after the couple’s thunder became known, rumors circulated that the problems between them began just for money.

Along with the screenshot, the interpreter of ‘Bottle after bottle’ shared a message addressed to Mrs. Schüll in which they ask to let him heal and stay away from him: «20 years collecting the fruits of his daughter until leaving her without any.

“Leave me alone, I am healing. I don’t bother them, I don’t even demand my credits in songs or in life. Everything beautiful that is happening deserves it and it also cost me. When I got tired of giving it was all over,” she wrote.

How strong! Christian Nodal exhibits Belinda asking for money for her and her parents

It seems that Nodal’s actions not only caused a strong impact on the Internet, but also on the blue-eyed woman who, after the scandal, was seen with Argentine actor Guillermo Pfeing, with whom she shares credits in the Netflix series, “Welcome to Eden.”

Belinda decided to post a video on her Instagram account, in which she appears next to Pfeing, while they both watch a sunset on the beach, but what attracted attention and raised rumors of a possible romance is that said video is framed with the image of a heart, in addition to the fact that ‘Beli’ appears very smiling and carefree.

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