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The new CEO of WarnerDavid Zaslav ,plans to meet with J.K Rowling to elucidate the future of one of the most emblematic sagas of all time; Harry Potter. The director of the company is aware of the economic value of the franchise to which they have the rights; but he also knows that it has been stuck for 10 years.

The CEO is also aware that the prequel to fantastic animals has its audience, although it is light years away from the legions who love Harry Potter. Hence it is already a fact that David Zaslav wants that meeting with the writer thinking about resurrect the franchiseOr at least that is what is speculated.

The information released by the Wall Street Journal It has already given rise to rumors about what will be the central issue in this meeting if it comes to fruition.

The cast of Harry Potter.

Warner CEO has been cutting tail and ears since taking office

Something that is clear for now is that the Warner CEO has been very active since he took office in the company. For example, he has reviewed the projects that have not generated profits and asked for explanations about them, among them the film of Clint Eastwood, Cry Macho.

Returning to the topic of the meeting and Harry Potter, for now the topic to be discussed is not known for sure; it is only known that the boss has between eyebrows put the franchise into production and for that you need J. K Rowling. One of the speculations that has arisen as a result of the CEO’s interest is that want to do a series.

Others have even gone further and have pointed out that if this series were made it would be with the same protagonists of the films. Namely, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint no more no less. So we will be aware of this possible meeting and if it takes place we will try to send you the details.

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The Wall Street Journal

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