Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa arrive in Rome … but no one has really seen them

CIAMPINO (current affairs) – The two Hollywood stars did not allow themselves to reporters and fans, mysteriously escaping everyone’s sight. I’m in Italy to shoot Fast & Furious 10

They arrived at Rome (but no one has seen them) i two actors principal of the film of American production “Fast & Furious 10” Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa. They seem to have arrived between last night and this morning; likewise at the general aviation airport, where, while waiting for the two American stars, they all went in complete confusion, for the many times announced arrival of the two Hollywood VIPs.

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Yet they have not been spotted in any private plane that landed at the civilian airport of Rome Ciampino; they probably made them lose their tracks in flight and even once on the ground, so as not to meet any of their fans, not to be disturbed by anyone, or to take a souvenir photo or a selfie with some admirers, or with the airport staff or police.

Many today, journalists, photojournalists, cameramen, Italians and foreigners, admirers, remained for hours in front of the General Aviation airport, just waiting to be able to take some photos of the two stars.

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“Actually, they’re not stars at all at this point,” said a young lady who waited 5 hours with her baby and husband, wearing Fast & Furious 10 t-shirts to at least see them drive by.

“Given the little appreciation for their fans to whom they did not even give a greeting, we were very disappointed, especially by the misdirection of the two VIPs, who also sent the personnel of the Ciampinese airport and the police into total chaos, who were on site for the order service “, comment some present.

Meanwhile, in Genzano the municipality has issued a public notice in which the dates and times of the many closures of the town are reported from Sunday 8 to Wednesday 18 May for the arrival of the troupe of “invisible” and unapproachable stars.

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In Genzano, the production makes it known that certainly no one will see them given the huge security cordon and bodyguard that will control the pedestrian transits in the areas involved in the shooting on 16 and 17 May.

In the afternoon the king of Facebook and WhatsApp Mark Zuckermberg (as published by in the afternoon) and the Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore also passed through Ciampino at the Scalo dell ‘Civil Aviation, who did not require any armor for their arrival. and departure, cordially greeting the employees at the airport and the people present.

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