Tristan Thompson mocked Khloe Kardashian about “never leaving him” before fatherhood drama


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Doesn’t it age well? The brief reconciliation of Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian is leaving viewers to question their pre-split conversations.

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During a new episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, which premiered on Thursday, May 19, 37-year-old Khloé reflected on how her sisters have maintained ties with their former partners.

“We have a strong, very loyal bond in our family. We are excellent co-parents and we are good at bringing families together. We learned that from my mom and dad, ”he told Tristan, 31, during a joint training session. “Like Scott [Disick] he never leaves and Kanye [West] it never goes away. You never seem to leave. We are all here forever ”.

The athlete jokingly replied: “More like you never leave me”. Khloé stressed that it’s “a beautiful thing” to keep their connection, adding, “We are family, whether you like it or not.”

In Thursday’s episode, Tristan was honest in defending his relationship with Khloé after a fan attempted to disturb him during a game. “He was directed at you,” he told his then-fiancée, noting that it was Khloé’s dating story. “’Talk to several basketball players and you’re just next.’ I was like, ‘Listen here man, enjoy the game with your girlfriend’ cause you’ll come here to see me. You’re not going to keep talking about my family like that. ‘ He got his ass out of there ”.

The Good American co-founder, for her part, was confused about the insults, asking, “She called me a whore and said I hang out with basketball players. I’ve had six boyfriends and three of them have been in the NBA. Thanks. What’s my problem? “

As the two enjoyed their morning workout, Khloé talked about their evolving relationship over the years. “Tristan is very protective of his family. He doesn’t like people talking about any of us, ”he told the cameras. “He’s really cute and how I think everyone should be. You should just protect your family ”.

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Fans have already witnessed the ups and downs between Khloé and Tristan in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The reality series followed the ex-couple after they began dating in late 2016 and when they welcomed their daughter, True, less than two years later.

Days before Khloé’s birth, the Canadian native was accused of cheating with multiple women. The couple stayed together at the time. They later decided to quit after Tristan kissed Kylie Jenner’s ex-best friend Jordyn Woods in 2019.

Tristan and Khloé retried their relationship in August 2020 after spending time together amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Us Weekly confirmed that the on-and-off duo pulled the plug from their romance less than a year later, but quietly got back together during the fall of 2021. While filming the first season of The Kardashians, the news that the NBA player was being sued for child support of Maralee Nichols. In Tristan’s court response, he acknowledged meeting the fitness model, 31, in March 2021, while still dating Khloé.

After requesting a DNA test to confirm paternity, the professional basketball player publicly acknowledged his 5-month-old son, Theo, with Maralee. He also shares a 5 year old son with ex Jordan Craig.

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After the drama, Kardashian executive producer Danielle King talked about filming such emotional exchanges on screen.

“Well, for that particular moment, my crew was there. We were there to film something else early in the morning and the morning the news came, we legitimately happened to be there. We have that moment in front of the camera, ”Kim Kardashian told us exclusively earlier this month that he called Khloé with the news. “And I know it’s sometimes hard for audiences to figure out like ‘Oh, did they go back and get it?’ But there were so many moments that we genuinely captured just because we’re almost always there. There is almost always a camera on ”.

New episodes of The Kardashians air on Hulu Thursdays.


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