Travis Barker shows the house he shares with Kourtney Kardashian

      We love celebrity home tours. From Kris Jenner’s crockery room to Khloé Kardashian’s spectacular pantry, gossiping in the mansions of ‘celebs’ (especially the Kardashians) and seeing the reactions on Twitter is the reason why we love the Internet so much. If the same thing happens to you, we have good news: Travis Barker has shown what his house is like, and the fans are in ‘shock’ by what they have seen.

      The video, published by Architectural Digest on May 19, shows a tour of Travis’ home in Calabasas. A spectacular mansion in which he lives with his children Landon and Alabama Barker and Atiana de la Hoya, in addition to Kourtney Kardashian, whom he married just a few days ago.

      The house, which Barker has lived in for 15 years but completely renovated three years ago, is designed to bring a sense of ‘zen’ and simplicity to his busy life. And it is precisely this calm that has puzzled people.

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      The truth is that we understand: when you imagine the house in which the drummer of Blink-182 may live, the neutral and relaxed tones that we see in the video probably do not come to mind. For this reason, the fans have been quite surprised, and they have made it known in the comments.

      “It’s very tastefully decorated…not at all like I imagined her house would be, but I like it,” one fan commented on the post. “He may seem chaotic but his house seems so calm and relaxing,” said another, while a third wrote, “his house is very fancy. Not what he would expect from a rocker.”

      While many people were pleasantly surprised by Travis’ Zen mansion, others criticized it for being too similar to the Kardashian properties. However, as Travis points out in the interview, the house was renovated three years ago, long before ‘Kravis’ was a reality.

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