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The famous actor Tom Hanks, remembered for his leading role in Forrest Gump and many others, moved the whole world with his performance in an iconic scene from the movie Cast Away in which he sees his friend Wilson (a volleyball that he painted a face with his hands full of blood) get lost in the sea and immediately goes to his rescue. The film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, returned to the actor’s life with a heartfelt reunion at a Cleveland Guardians baseball game against the San Francisco Giants at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Read here: Tom Hanks confessed that he paid for scenes from ‘Forrest Gump’ out of his pocket

Hanks stepped onto the field of play holding his friend Wilson, as the actor would have the honor of taking the first shot, but when the audience saw him they burst into deafening applause, not only because of the presence of the Hollywood star on the field, but to see the famous ball at his side again.

One of the most emotional moments occurred when Tom took the ball and put it on top of his head, then dropped it to the ground and it began to move on its own, but in reality it was being controlled by remote control. After the show, Hanks threw the ball to local player Larry Dobby Jr, son of Larry Dobby, recognized for being the first African-American to be part of the major league baseball in the United States. It may interest you: The letter that Tom Hanks sent to a child harassed for being called Corona

Where is the real Wilson?

The famous ball personified with the name of Wilson was auctioned on September 9, 1999 by an auction house called Prop Store. It was a fanatic who paid 310 thousand dollars for the ball used in the well-known film, which today would be about $1,165,166,000 Colombian pesos.

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