Tom Cruise’s secret to be the same at 60 as at 30 without losing his expression

We all wonder both at home and in the newsroom what makes Tom Cruise so that it seems that time does not pass by him. After seeing him at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival presenting his new film Top Gun: Maverick and being awarded the coveted palm d’or of La Croissette, anyone would say that three decades have passed since he filmed top gun and if we look at photographs of the actor, the truth is that it seems that time has not passed by him. At 60 years of age, he has splendid skin, a figure with hardly any sudden changes in weight, impeccable hair… so much so that he looks like a let v to when we saw him with 30.

As the doctor assures us Javier Prezof the Marbella Premium Clinic “Although it is clear that he must have good genetics, staying that way requires discipline, time and care (good nutrition, training and aesthetic medicine). We have been seeing for years how the image of the actor has been changing as a result of the different aesthetic treatments that are applied. performed and among which could be found hyaluronic acid infiltrations, tensor threads… And possibly use appliances as lasers, radiofrequency Y ultrasound“, says the expert.

Treatments for firm skin

On the left, an image of Tom Cruise in Top Gun in 1986 and on the right, Tom Cruise collecting the Palme d'Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

On the left, an image of Tom Cruise in Top Gun in 1986 and on the right, Tom Cruise collecting the Palme d’Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.GTres Online.

To find out what treatments Tom Cruise could carry out to show off that rested and smooth skin on his face, we also asked Carmen Lorentedirector of the medical area of The Beauty Concept who assures us that “his face is splendid, and very masculinized because many times men run the risk of undergoing treatments that tend to feminize their features and it is known that Cruise has always been a great defender of the effects of Ultherapywhich is the most performed treatment in the United States and which achieves a wonderful lifting effect with a single annual session”.

minimally invasive facelift

It's been 36 to

36 years have passed from one photograph to another and Tom Cruise maintains his expression although experts admit that he has made aesthetic retouches.GTres Online.

for the doctor Paolo Facchini, a doctor in the center’s aesthetic medicine area, also confirms that the actor retains mobility and the wrinkles on his crow’s feet and the frown that is essential for any actor in order to express emotions. And what stands out most about his face is the magnificent texture, the firmness of the skin and the definition of facial value and the mandibular angle. “This effect can be achieved in two ways: a minimally invasive one with collagen inducers such as Radiesse, which provide firmness and a lifting effect without giving unwanted volume; and the other more invasive is a mini surgical lifting of the lower third and neck but in any case, what is evident is that Tom Cruise continues to maintain his characteristic features, a healthy and natural appearance” he concludes.

Hyaluronic acid treatments

from the clinic Look+Cuetothe experts point out that if we had to think that a facial treatment had been carried out, it could have been with hyaluronic acid at the level of the deep malar fat area just above the nasolabial fold. “There is an overprojection in the anterior malar area that is not observed in his photos from years ago, in which the cheekbone, typically male, was flatter. In some images from a year ago, a weight gain and a consequent loss of definition of the facial contours. And when you regain your weight, however, you can still see that anterior overprojection in the cheekbone that makes you suspect the presence of implants with hyaluronic acid” they point out.

Exercise and diet, non-negotiable

For Tom Cruise, daily exercise with his personal trainers and a strict diet are key to his good physical condition.

For Tom Cruise, daily exercise with his personal trainers and a strict diet are key to his fitness and health.GTres Online.

Well, according to experts, in addition to diet and exercise, yes, the actor has resorted to aesthetic retouching. The truth is that he sculpts his figure through exercise that does not forgive wherever he goes. He calls it “the cave of pain” but the truth is that the protagonist of Mission Impossible has fun practicing all sports from jogging to climbing… and follows the small portions rule meals throughout the day (about 15 prepared for you by various personal chefs) so you never run out of energy. and follow one low carbohydrate diet and high in protein such as grilled meat and fish.

“For a person like Tom Cruise to be this good is the set of many things. In addition to a healthy diet, he is sure to bet on a diet rich in superfoods, do cardio, strength or weight exercises to avoid losing muscle, yoga to relax your mind and another of its keys is to grow old with a positive attitude towards life so you can follow a antiaging therapy supervised by a doctor to help you take supplements that you are missing,” says Natalie de la Vegadirector of Tacha Beauty.

platelet rich plasma

The expert in beauty, aesthetics and well-being also confesses that Tom Cruise “is surely a fan of treatments with platelet rich plasma or PRP which is done both on the face and on the whole body to improve the texture of your skin and you can resort to injecting vitamins although it has a good bone base on the face and maintains its firmness”, he points out. Platelet-rich plasma, in addition to remove marks, it leaves you with a luminous complexion and with blurred wrinkles.It is a fraction of the autologous blood plasma (taken from the patient himself) that is centrifuged and the part of plasma that has a high concentration of platelets is selected. injected to stimulate fibroblasts and increase skin collagen.

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