Tom Cruise to be honored at Cannes for lifetime achievement

Tom Cruise will receive a tribute especially to his career in the Cannes International Film Festivalas part of the premiere of the second part of top gunwhich will also be shown at the most important event in the film industry that takes place every year on the French Riviera.

Days ago the ex-partner of Nicole Kidman attended the avant-garde world premiere of the action movie in the city of San Diego, California, where he appeared on the red carpet after piloting a plane that read the legend “Top Gun: Maverick”.

The actor will be part of a talk where he will discuss his career in the film industry.

Now, the feature film directed by Joseph Kosinski reunites Cruise on the big screen, who is also its producer, Val Kilmer, who once again personify pilots Pete Mitchell and Tom “Iceman” Kazanski. In Argentina it will hit theaters next week.

A few days ago, some statements by the acting interpreter were also made known about how important it was for his co-star Val Kilmer to be present in the second part of the Hollywood production, and he stated that, if there was a sequel, his partner “had to be in it”.

“Tom was very convinced that if he was going to do another Top Gun, Val had to be in it. He said, ‘We have to have Valwe’ve got to get him back,'” Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer said in an interview.

For his part, Cruise admitted that he put “a lot of effort into making the movie,” adding of Kilmer: “The kind of talent that he has, and you see that scene, it’s very special, it’s very special.”

Meanwhile, the actor is preparing for Cannes. The protagonist of the saga Mission Impossible will be presented at this event Wednesday May 18 in the framework of a talk with the journalist Didier Allouoch, where they will talk about the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” and his emblematic career that led him to work with renowned directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, steven spielberg Y Brian DePalma.

The film will then be shown to the entire public, which is out of competition, and promises to close the day with a standing ovation as it is so common in this event on the French Riviera.

The Top Gun actor’s visit to the festival audience will be brief, as he will arrive at the event tomorrow and leave the next day to continue the Maverick promotional and premiere tour in different cities around the world, which in this case is his turn the premiere in London.

The programmer of the Cannes International Film Festival, Thierry Fremauxreferred to the presence of Tom Cruise on the red carpet, and praised him for his commitment to the film industry: “He is the greatest talent that defends movies in theaters Y represents contemporary cinema”.

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