Tom Cruise and the boring art of promoting yourself without saying anything

Today there are few stars like Tom Cruise. The charisma and good work that he gives off on screen is undeniable, especially when we see him interpret those unusual risk scenes in films like Mission Impossible that very few, or even no one, would dare to do. But he not only owes his status to his bombast on screen, but also to having been a very careful and grateful actor who has always measured his words very well in order to avoid controversy, that his personal life takes precedence over his work or that the public may have aversion to her figure. And this is just what he has once again shown in his long-awaited appearance at the Cannes Film Festivalalthough it has resulted in his intervention being much less exciting than we might expect.

Tom Cruise at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick at the Cannes Film Festival (Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images)

Tom Cruise at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick at the Cannes Film Festival (Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images)

Cruise has visited the French contest to promote Top: Gun Maverick, the sequel to one of his most legendary titles from the 80s, which hits theaters on May 26. Although, taking advantage of the premiere, the festival also decided to honor him with the Palme d’Or of honor and organize various activities around his figure. It was then that the actor He starred in a masterclass to talk about his new release and his career, although, to the disappointment of many, Cruise limited himself to telling the same old thing.

During the 50 minutes that his intervention lasted, his words went little beyond highlighting information about Top Gun: Maverick or the many achievements he has obtained throughout his extensive and admired career, not leaving a very measured script to avoid generating headlines that could generate some kind of controversy. Cruise said that he worked for years to develop the sequel to top gunwho took their time to find the right script, who were very careful to find the best time to shoot it, and who were insistent on defending movie theaters against streaming.

The latter is possibly the most interesting part of his speech, returning to this rejection of the new exhibition models that the pandemic has established and to which many sectors of Hollywood, as is the case with Cruise or directors like Christopher Nolan, are strongly opposed. Although It’s not new information either. let it be juicy for the press or viewers, because the actor’s opinion on streaming premieres that totally or partially leave movie theaters aside was already very clear for a long time.

“That’s not going to happen. Ever.”, declared in the masterclass about the possibility that Top Gun: Maverick had been released on platforms during the pandemic. “I’ve spent a lot of time with the theater owners, the people who sell the popcorn, the people who make all of this possible… I know what they’re going through. I just know we’re doing Mission: Impossible and Top Gun is coming.”he continued as Cannes spectators erupted in applause.

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And it is that Tom Cruise is mostly looking for this, the applause and admiration of the public for his achievements in the seventh art. Hence, the rest of her intervention was limited to highlighting her prestigious filmography and taking credit for it, which led to the masterclass being routine, predictable and monotonous. She remembered mythical movies like Mission Impossible, Interview with the Vampire, Collateral, his Oscar nominations with born on the fourth of july either Jerry Maguire and even claimed to have inspired Paul Thomas Anderson for the creation of his character in Magnoliawhich also earned him a nomination for the Academy Awards in Hollywood.

He also did not hesitate to highlight his filming skills, his decision to always interpret risk scenes without using doubles, that he continually tries to improve himself or that he makes his films with the public in mind, that is, as usual. “I grew up on movie sets in writing rooms and editing rooms. I’ve spent my life there, and it’s an incredible and very privileged life, because it’s something I wanted to do. And I’ve always liked the public, and I make my films for the public. Because above all I am a spectator”he claimed. “You know, nobody asks Gene Kelly, why do you dance?”clarified about putting his life at risk to carry out his extreme action sequences.

And there is little else to highlight in his speech, because, although the Cannes Film Festival staged a big event for his reception that even involved the French air force flying over the city, he continued to be determined to take care of his image and status through a series of statements that, deep down, said absolutely nothing. Rather, he repeated the same thing that he says whenever he promotes a new film: how much he loves the seventh art, how much he wants to protect it, his absolute dedication on a shoot or that working has been his film school. In the end, his materclass was just another boring promotion of his figure and his new movie, causing us to never get to know the person behind the character.

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