This is the new J Balvin application for mental well-being

J Balvin he is one of the most committed artists on the topic of mental health and this app is his latest demonstration of it. In fact, the singer has never hidden his own problems with the intention of helping to give greater visibility to those who suffer from them.

Thus, J Balvin wanted to announce the launch of its bilingual platform HEY, which will help improve emotional well-being. Big J Balvin! The singer defines the project as a dream, as he shared on his networks: “Our dream of creating a community to help the world feel better. From Latin America to the world.”

Among other tools, the application will allow users to carry out daily wellness practices, both in Spanish and English, with the intention of helping users to change their mood through videos and audios. The program has three categories: My mind, which will expand perspectives with journeys through sound. follows him My bodywhich changes moods with breath and movement and, finally, is My peoplea social healing through conversations.

The idea of this project is very clear: “Our culture and our work are based on listening. We value honesty, mutual support, curiosity, cross-cultural understanding and collective well-being. We dream big, act fast and seek balance”.

Plus, people who sign up before launch will receive a free 1-year membership. The application will be available from September this year.

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