These are the banking promotions, offers and discounts of Amazon Mexico

Of course, amazon mexico You are invited to the great digital sale of the year: Hot Sale 2022. As has been the custom for a long time, the online store also offers different bank promotions for users to take advantage of this offer season.

Other stores such as Elektra, Walmart and Coppel also have bank promotions. You can review our guides on how to follow the event and also on Kueski Pay, the payment method that is this year’s official sponsor.

Hot Sale 2022: how to follow and find the best offers, promotions and discounts of the great special online sale of Mexico

Amazon Mexico bank promotions in Hot Sale 2022

  • HSBC: with this bank we have a 30% bonus with a digital credit card during May 23 and 24, and a 20% bonus using a physical or digital credit card from May 25 to 31, being in both scenarios from purchases to six months without interest with a minimum ticket of 5,000 pesos. This with a maximum of 5,000 pesos of bonus and it is necessary to register for the promotion. Pending terms and conditions.
  • Banorte: here we can get 30% bonus using a digital credit card, but we also get an additional 30% on the price already discounted if they also have a Banorte Payroll account. Valid on May 23, so that after May 24 to 31 it becomes a 20% bonus with a digital credit card. This in a minimum purchase of 12,000 pesos and the bonus is capped at 5,000 pesos and 6,500 pesos for those who have a payroll. Terms and Conditions.
  • Citibanamex: 10% bonus on monthly purchases without interest, but if you have a debit card deposit account or receive payroll with this bank, the bonus will be 15% only on May 24. Valid on minimum purchases of 7,000 pesos and it is necessary to register for the promotion. Terms and Conditions.
  • BBVA: 15% bonus with a digital credit card in terms of 12 to 24 months, with a maximum discount of 2,500 pesos, or also double BBVA Points on cash purchases, in the same way using a digital credit card. Terms and Conditions.
  • Santander: up to three months without interest on purchases with a minimum amount of 2,000 pesos, while purchases of six to 36 months with interest we have a rate from 1.5% per month. There will be different promotions depending on the store and points of the Santander Rewards program. Terms and Conditions.
  • Scotiabank: With this bank we can obtain a 15% bonus when making purchases with a credit card and it is necessary to register to take advantage of the promotion. Terms and Conditions.

Other promotions

  • 200 pesos discount on minimum purchases of 500 pesos when selecting Oxxo as payment method and using the code HOT200 before finalizing the purchase.


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