“The weight of talent”: Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal unite and shine in each on-screen encounter

Cash-strapped Nicolas Cage agrees to make a paid appearance at a billionaire superfan’s birthday party, but he’s actually a CIA informant. (Heart Films)

everyone knows Nicolas Cage. Face of an era of cinema, member of one of the most prestigious families in the industry and bearer of a charisma that few can sustain over the years. And in this film he must interpret himself in a stage that he has already gone through in real life: being at a point in his career where he is no longer sought after, he is no longer taken into account and he has to accept minor roles to pay the bills. Good in the weight of talent it’s a little worse.

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In the film, the actor needs to rebuild his career but can’t find a suitable role. The directors don’t want him on their projects and the debts keep piling up. With great resignation, but also aware that he must generate income, he accepts the invitation of the Spanish billionaire, Javi Gutiérrez (Peter Pascal), and must attend his birthday in Mallorca. Javi is one of the biggest fans of Nicolas Cage in the world, but also an aspiring actor who is waiting for Cage to seduce him with the knowledge of his career and offer him a script to be the protagonist of his film. What is going to complicate the story is that Javi is dedicated to arms trafficking and the CIA will use Cage’s services to catch him.

Nicolas Cage as Nic Cage in "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent", its original title.  (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)
Nicolas Cage as Nic Cage in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”, its original title. (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)

the weight of talent it’s a funny, well-written, intelligent film without losing the magic and ingenuity of its target profile. It makes a good mockery, in the sense of not exhausting the resource, of action films and takes advantage of all their benefits when needed. Of course, with these two actors he ends up getting involved in the genre buddy-movie because it has what, but the film also has fragments of absurd comedy (where Nick Cage felt more comfortable in the last ones) and some documentary.

It reminded me of the connection of memorable pairs of action movies where Cage himself shone with Sean Connery in The rock, Mel Gibson with Danny Glover in Deadly weapon, or more here in time, Ryan Gosling with Russell Crowe in two dangerous guys. The commonly called chemistry here is given and improves with each encounter. From the first crossing of both, Cage’s arrival at Javi’s mansion, until the last scene, things happen between them. And it is not only due to the quality of actor that Cage is, who plays with the absurd to the limit, but also to how Pascal gets carried away by the timing of his partner, something that the actor told Infobae in a recent interview.

Pedro Pascal is Javier in "the weight of talent".  (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)
Pedro Pascal is Javi in ​​”The weight of talent”. (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)

One of the weak points of this production, and perhaps the most notorious, is how repetitive the whole joke of an actor playing himself becomes. It’s not a problem either, but it starts to tire in the second half of the movie closer to the climax. However, part of that risk is well resolved by his partner with fair contributions from Pascal and taking the lead at a certain stage of the film.

Simple, well done the weight of talent has everything to stand out in the 2022 release calendar because it takes risks, plays with the present of Nicolas Cage and makes it a fundamental weapon. Although his own career could have been a double-edged sword, both director and screenwriters (Kevin Etten with Gormican) make the most of the situation and conceive an action comedy to remember.

Pedro Pascal spoke with Infobae about the production.

the weight of talent premiered in Mexico on April 28, in Colombia on May 12, and this week it hits theaters in Argentina, Peru and Chile.


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