The unexpected decision made by the board with Cata, Corona and Baca

The departure of Cata Domínguez, Jesús Corona and Rafa Baca would be imminent for the board; the leaders of Cruz Azul no longer have their permanence assured. The details of each.

Cata Domínguez, Jesús Corona and Rafa Baca would not continue in Cruz Azul.
© imago7Cata Domínguez, Jesús Corona and Rafa Baca would not continue in Cruz Azul.

After the Blue Cross failures in the last year, the directive began to project future plans and is already working on a new restructuring inside La Noriawell the departure of Juan Reynoso as technical directorwhich is about to become official, would be just the beginning of the clean in the dressing room what the top brass would have in mind and what they will do shake the cement club.

And it is that the ‘guillotine‘ in the cement institution already points to the leaders of Machine: Jose de Jesus Corona, Julio Cesar Dominguez and Rafael Bacathe men who have been on the team the longest and who seemed to hold their own, no matter what strategist was at the helm or what board passed the desk.

However, it seems that the cycle of the three historic and oldest soccer players of Cruz Azul is about to come to an endafter, after the departure of Juan Reynoso, the cement directive would have taken the unexpected decision not to renew his contract and start planning his departure from the club Y bet on new blood; This was revealed by the ESPN journalist, León Lecanda.

The panorama of the leaders in Cruz Azul

Jesus Crown

The departure of the captain seems imminent and its continuity is not even assured for the Opening 2022. With 41 years of age and 13 years in the institutionit seems that his cycle in Cruz Azul is about to come to an endand it is that he has not been able to overcome the injury in the right knee that took him away from the courts for more than a month, even, a surgery could end the career of Jesús Corona.

The Chuy’s contract expires in June 2023but the directive already points to renovate the cement archWell, you already offered Sebastián Jurado to extend his bond with the club for four more years and would be about to bring back Andres Gudinotwo juveniles with whom the goal would be well covered.

Cata Dominguez

Julio César Domínguez has worn only one shirt throughout his career as a footballer: that of Cruz Azul, from the inferiors and from 2006 in the First Division. With 34 years oldin The Ferris Wheel They already glimpse their exit, because they would propose that the Opening 2022 be the tournament of his farewell and can retire as a professional in November, so he would end his contract six months earlybecause it expires in June 2023 and they are not going to renew it either.

Even, one of the priorities of the board in the next transfer market will be to hire a central defender, because despite the fact that they have contemplated buying Luis Abram, they would begin to project the future in this area, because in addition, Pablo Aguilar has not confirmed his permanence either.

Rafa Baca

Rafa Baca, 32 years old, would end his cycle at Cruz Azul after nine years having dressed the sky blue t-shirtbecause his contract with the club ends in December 2022 and the board would no longer have plans to renew it, so the Opening 2022 would be the latest in which the controversial midfielder be part of the campus.

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