the singular comedy with Nicolas Cage as Nick Cage

“Shamanic Nouveau” and “Western Kabuki” are the terms used by Nicolas Cage to define the particular style of acting that made him a cult figure in Hollywood. The same that he reaffirms inthe weight of talent.

The comedy that the screenwriter and director Tom Gormican was finally able to achieve after a few years trying to get the Californian actor to agree to be his lead, embodying a fictionalized version of himself.

And that comes shortly after Cage officially announced the cancellation of all his debts -an aspect of his personal life that tarnished his career- and that his tape Pig was critically acclaimed.

The weight of talent | BF Distribution

A good moment that reaffirms with the fun realization that arrives at national theaters to show the singular adventure that this Nick Cage -as they call it in the story- faces after some complications.

whose story starts when the actorwho usually has conversations with an imaginary variant of himself -younger and arrogant-, tries to get the role that will mark a new and more important stage in his career.

However, the impromptu and somewhat emphatic interpretation that he offers before the scriptwriter who created the character, makes him lose the role. To which he adds the embarrassing visit he makes to the birthday of his only daughter, Addy (Lily Sheen).

A celebration worth a million

The weight of talent | BF Distribution

Faced with this and the possibility of being kicked out of the hotel where he lives because of the large bill he owes there, he decides reluctantly agree to be the main guest at a Spanish tycoon’s birthday for a million dollars.

A) Yes, Cage arrives in Majorca where before the host can introduce himself, he makes it clear that he will not do anything out of the ordinary during his stay, which includes not having sex with his host’s wife or anything similar.

The weight of talent | BF Distribution

What he ignores is that his interlocutor is precisely the millionaire who hired him for his party: Javi Gutiérrez (Pedro Pascal), a sympathetic aspiring screenwriter who just wants to make the Hollywood actor he admires happy.

But on the island is not only Cage, but also the CIA agents following in the footsteps of Gutiérrez, who is an arms dealer who would also be involved in the kidnapping of the daughter of a Catalan politician.

However, despite the fact that the CIA recruits him to monitor him, Cage strikes up a deep friendship with his warm hostwith whom he plans the movie of their lives and they star in a crazy scene after consuming LSD.

And it is precisely that link, reaffirmed by the great chemistry of its protagonists, which becomes the engine of an entertaining and endearing film; where Cage also displays the full weight of his talent.


ADDRESS: Tom Gormican

PROTAGONISTS: Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal, Sharon Horgan, Tiffany Haddish, Ike Barinholtz, Lily Sheen, Paco León, Alessandra Mastronardi, Jacob Scipio, Neil Patrick Harris

GENDER: Comedy/Action

QUALIFICATION: For all viewers over 7 years old

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