The newly released vampire survival that is all the rage on Steam and is almost free

The impressive game had a great reception and was released this Tuesday, May 17; it can currently be obtained virtually free of charge on Valve’s platform.

V Rising - almost free on Steam

Steam It is, par excellence, the indicated platform to search for PC games, with unique opportunities and the possibility of adding games for free or at very good prices. On this occasion, recently launched, this vampire open world survival is among the most played these days and you can get a ridiculous price on steam.

The newly released vampire survival that is all the rage on Steam and is almost free

V Rising is an open world PVP surivavl (Player vs. Player) of vampires that was released this Tuesday, May 17 and in its first 24 hours reached a peak of 67,295 simultaneous users and, at the time of publication of this note, it has 64,000 players and is no less than in the top ten of the most played games on Steam.

Developed and published by Stunlock Studios, V Rising is currently available on Steam for just $224.99.which at official exchange is equivalent to less than two dollars, or at the blue price, barely exceeds the price of one dollar.




What is V Rising about, the vampire survival that is all the rage on Steam

In V Rising, user wakes up as a vampire. He must go in search of blood to recover his strength, since he is a vampire without any power, and, at the same time, he must avoid the scorching sunlight to survive. Along his way, he must raise his castle and progress in an open world that is full of mysteries and constantly changing. You will be able to win allies online and conquer the lands of the living.

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