The Ms Marvel actress is obsessed with Kevin Feige

Ms Marvel star Iman Vellani has a surprising friendship with Kevin Feige. We tell you her story in this post.

In a recent interview with Esquire, the star of mrs marvel, Iman Vellanispoke openly about his relationship with the current president of Marvel Studios. The young actress said that she deeply admired Kevin Feig and that the executive himself knows how much she is obsessed with him.

“I have to admit that my favorite people in the whole world are Robert Downey Jr. and Billy Joel. No one occupies that mental space more than they do, “explained the actress of mrs marvel. «Kevin Feige is in third place and he knows how much I am obsessed with him. He has been coming up with my reaction ».

the actress of mrs marvel has explained how shocked she was when she first met Kevin Feige. “In our first week of filming, they told me on Monday that he would be here in a couple of days. So, I’m resting on a chair and someone walks up. He tells me: ‘There is a person here who wants to meet you.’ I look down and up, and Kevin’s eyes appear. Just the eyes, because he was wearing a mask. I was frozen. ‘From what I’ve been told, you’re doing a great job here,’ she told me. I didn’t speak to him or smile at him until he left. Literally all I did was stare at it. I felt very embarrassed, because he tried to have a conversation with me and I didn’t give him anything.”

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After this, Iman Vellani sent Kevin Feige a handwritten fourth, they had a Zoom meeting about mrs marvel and they talked about a lot of spoilers related to the MCU Phase 4. She also explained how caring and kind the studio president is, and hopes he appreciates how nerdy she is about everything he has to do with superhero shows and movies.”

“The first page of the letter was me fangirling with him,” she explained. «The rest were just questions I had about his life and about the MCU. I didn’t even care about the answers, I just wanted to hear him talk. I can’t tell you any of his answers, obviously. She is very sweet and has been very supportive throughout this process. I feel like he really likes how nerdy I am about Marvel Studios stuff. I think so because when I visited his office he said, ‘It’s really nice to show people things that really matter to you.’ And me: ‘Tell me more, Kevin.’ That is our relationship. I love it”.

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