The Montaners will have their own Kardashian-style reality show

It has just been revealed that in a very short time we will be able to enjoy The Montanersthe new original production of Disney+ that delves into the intimacy of one of the most famous families in Latin America to reveal their daily lives, reveal their challenges and conflicts, and show how their members balance their careers with their personal and family lives.

Everything you need to know about Los Montaner’s reality show

In 2022, subscribers to Disney+ You are invited to discover the intimacy of one of the most famous families in Latin America: this year it comes to the streaming service The Montaners, the new original series of the Disney+ label that in format docu-reality provides exclusive access to the daily life of its different members, bearing witness to their most intimate and special moments such as weddings, births, celebrations and behind the scenes of their artistic careers. The new production has the participation of ALL the members of the family: Ricardo, Marlene, Mau, Ricky, Evaluna, Stefi, Sara and Camilo.

Fans of Evaluna and Camilo will be able to witness the couple’s process before the birth of their daughter.


The Montaners follows this iconic family of artists, which has become a true social media phenomenon and is headed by one of the most important exponents of Latin music. Throughout the episodes, the audience will witness, among other aspects, the challenges that each of its members go through as they seek to maintain harmony between his private life and his professional career, always in the public eye, as well as the milestones of his musical life, his challenges, personal conflicts and the emotions generated by the expansion of the family group when new marriages arrive.

The series features cinematic moments, live musical performances, and the family’s lifestyle showcased in a vérité documentary made in mixed-media formats such as cell phone videos, faith-based interviews, and photos and videos of your private file. With a non-linear narrative style, an intimate look and an open-ended story, Los Montaner is an unavoidable invitation to have fun, get excited and get to know each of the members of this clan in depth.

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