‘The Kardashian’: What was Kim Kardashian doing at Red Lobster? Fans have a theory

Fans are thrilled with Kim Kardashian’s decision to take her children to the Red Lobster to celebrate North’s first sporting victory. The occasion was made even sweeter when she discovered she had passed the “baby bar exam” as she was leaving the restaurant.

Kim celebrated right when she ate some Cheddar Bay cookies to celebrate North’s victory at her first basketball game! Then, while waiting in the car in front of a Red Lobster restaurant, the reality star also discovered that she finally passed the first-year law student exam she had taken in December 2021. The founder of Skims had already taken the test. three times this. During the most recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians”, Kardashian and his son North, as well as Tracy Romulus, chief marketing officer of KKW Beauty and his sons, Ryan and Remi, walked out of the chain’s restaurant to look up the scores of the. Kardashian test. They go sit in the car because she doesn’t want everyone to look at her if she’s sad. Kim K had previously failed the exam three times, so this was her last chance.


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Kim Kardashian in “Le Kardashian” (Hulu)

Kim reveals in the confessional of the episode that a person is only allowed to give the “baby bar” a specific number of times. This was the last time she could take it. If she didn’t get over it, her law career would officially end. Kardashian shouted, “I passed!” after a dramatic waiting period for the screen to load. Kim yelled, unable to comprehend what she was witnessing, and finally she broke down. “I am so happy. For example, I literally didn’t think I did, ”she remarked. She then revealed where she was while FaceTiming with her lecturer, Chuck Shonholtz.

He said they had been at the Red Lobster since North won his first basketball game and everyone wanted to go there to celebrate. One of the fans of “The Kardashians” came to Twitter to point out that Red Lobster is North’s favorite restaurant, so the celebration at the diner made perfect sense. The longtime fan wrote, “I remember Kim said a few years ago that lobster was North’s favorite restaurant.”

Others on social media were amused by his visit to the place and joked about how the establishment would cash in on Kim’s visit. A Reddit user wrote, “Kim Kardashian just saved Red Lobster by letting millions of us know it’s still open. Kim, go save Sizzler !!! ” Twitter users think it’s ironic that Kim learned about one of the biggest news in her life while she waited in a Red Lobster parking lot. They wrote: “Kim Kardashian found out she walked past the bar in a Red Lobster parking lot, she’s in the mood”

While others find Kim’s visit to Red Lobster quite recognizable. One of them tweeted: “Dude Kim Kardashian goes to the lobster. One of us!!!”

After the excitement subsided, Kardashian returned to the restaurant with North, who begged her to immediately call her father, Kanye West. Kim handed the phone to North, who dialed the rapper’s number. The mother of four originally revealed on Instagram that she passed the exam, necessary for people in California who study law through an apprenticeship, as Kardashian did. Kim stated that this was only the first of two lawyer tests she would have had to pass before she could practice law. She also revealed that several respected lawyers advised her not to go the “baby bar” route.

During an interview in April 2022, the reality TV star – whose late father, Robert Kardashian, was a prominent lawyer in the 1990s, well known for his role in the 1995 OJ Simpson trial – said he wanted to open his own studio. In recent years, the founder of Skims has lobbied for prison reform and was instrumental in the release of many offenders, most notably Julius Jones.

“The Kardashians” is available to stream on Hulu.

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