The disturbing and terrifying first images of Nicolas Cage as Dracula

Nicolas Cage has never been considered one of the best actors in Hollywood, although it is positioned as one of the most remembered. This is due to many of his performances, which are reputed to be or too linear, or too bizarreeven becoming a meme.

A mediocre fame that the actor has never carried too well, in turn intensified by the long shadow of his unclethe famous filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.

Today, Nicolas Cage faces a new challenge in his career, ready to free himself from all the bad karma accumulated. how? Putting himself in the skin of Count Dracula himself. A role and a characterization of which we have just received the first official photosthanks to People magazine.

your pints, between Joker and casino croupierare already being the subject of thousands of comments on networks.

To which film does this new Dracula by Nicolas Cage belong?

The new project to which the iconic actor belongs is ‘Reinfield’, a spin-off produced by Universal and directed by Chris McKay (director of Batman: ‘THE LEGO Movie’ or ‘Tomorrow’s War’).

The film will be centered on one of the vampire count’s crazy servantsin which this iconic history of horror movies will be reviewed with a comedic tone, thus taking advantage of the delusional look of Nicolas Cage. On the other hand, the leading role of Reinfield belongs to Nicholas Hoult.

Thus, Nicolas Cage will return to this narrative universe 30 years later, after his role in ‘Vampire Kisses’ (1989). Finally, the producer has confirmed that the premiere of ‘Reinfield’ is scheduled for April 14, 2023.

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