The classic of The Who that Pete Townshend described as “horrible”

The leader of The Who, Pete Townshend, is recognized for being a British guitarist and composer but also for his controversial sayings. Pete doesn’t mince words to criticize even his own works.

Tommy, one of the most significant albums of The Who,he is considered like a rock gem. Tommy is an opera about a blind and deaf boy, released in 1969. The album reached number 2 on the UK major charts and number 7 in the US.

Which classic of The Who did Pete call “horrible”?

Today, the idea of ​​a concept album is present in the musical vocabulary. But in the late 1960’s it wasn’t that common. So it was a radical development when Townshend introduced the idea. This led him to be considered a genius within music. Tommy was highly praised and to this day it is considered a masterpiece.

The album also inspired a feature film in 1975, directed by Ken Russell. The cast included The Who frontman Roger Daltrey, Jack Nicholson. And even a cameo from the teacher Elton John and Tina Turner.

The movie turned out to be a heartbreaking story but it was the perfect foil for The Who because thanks to that they reached the top of their careers. During the story, the main character, played by Roger Daltrey, discovers that he has supernatural pinball powers. Y he does it precisely on the “Pinball Wizard” track.

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Michael McInnerney

“Pinball Wizard” is Tommy’s second single and is considered a classic of The Who.. However, she is not Pete’s favorite. On the contrary, he is ashamed of her. From the beginning the song was not to Townshend’s liking. However, after some people convinced him, Pete decided to go ahead with the launch.

I deleted it. I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is horrible, the most awkward writing I’ve ever done. My God, I’m embarrassed. This sounds like a Music Hall song. I scribbled it down, and all the lines were the same length, and there was no middle eight of any kind. It was going to be a complete failure, but I kept going.” Townshend commented.

Going ahead with the pitch was the best decision Townshend could make. well the classic «Pinball Wizard» arrived at international charts and positioned Tommy as one of the best rock albums. And the fans love her.

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