Taylor Swift is an honorary doctorate of NY University

Lto New York Universityone of the most prestigious universities in the world, has delivered one honorary degree to Taylor Swift.

The artist received the title yesterday, Wednesday 18 May, on the occasion of the ceremony for the academic year 2022, during the delivery of diplomas to three different classes.

New York University had already dedicated a course to the artist

The singer – tied with the Beatles in the UK chart for the number of weeks at number one of four consecutive albums – was awarded the honorary degree in Fine Arts (Fine Arts) by virtue of his artistic work in his career as an artist.

On the stage of the ceremony, at Yankee Stadium, he thanked the teachers with his iconic red lipstickfrom the leopard shoes And toga and hat in order. And she has decided to dedicate to new former students some motivational words.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift with the Global Icon award won the 2021 Brit Awards in 2021. (Getty Images)

Yesterday’s it was not the first meeting between New York University and the singer. In fact, in the past, the university had dedicated them a entire degree coursecentering on her role as a successful singer and businesswoman.

In his speech (full of emotion), the artist he referred to the feud involving her along with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, but without ever mentioning their names. “Being canceled on the Internet and almost losing my career allowed me to have an excellent knowledge of all types of wineHe joked.

Taylor Swift’s speech: “We will become more resilient thanks to difficulties”

Then, the artist’s acceptance speech expanded to universal themes. “Difficult things will happen to us. We will recover. We will learn from them. We will become more resilient thanks to them. As long as we’re lucky enough to breathe, we’ll inhale, breathe, breathe deeply, exhale, ”she began.

And again: «Now I am a doctor, therefore I know how breathing works! I hope you know how proud I am to share this day with you ».

On stage at Yankee Stadium, Taylor Swift then stated that she did not want to give “unsolicited advice”, but simply share some “life tricks I wish I had known when I started my career”. Among these is the importance of learn from your mistakes.

“My experience teaches me that mistakes have led to the best things in my life. And feeling embarrassed when you make a mistake is part of the human experience. Get up, dust yourself off and see who still wants to hang out with you, laughing about it? This it really is a gift“.

The media attention on his love life

In conclusion, the singer 32 years oldcurrently engaged with the actor Joe Alwynshared with the graduates his difficulty in managing media attention on his behalf. Especially when it comes to emotional relationships.

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“See, when I was a teenager and in my twenties, that the world treated my love life as if they were all spectators of a sport in which I lose every gamehe taught me to strongly protect my private life, ”he confessed.


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