Surprise! Microsoft releases a new patch for Xbox 360

Incredible as it may seem, and more than 15 years after it was launched on the market, Xbox 360 continues to receive patches to correct errors. Don’t expect any big new functionality here, Microsoft ended that kind of support long ago when it discontinued the console in favor of Xbox One. But some minor patches to fix performance, network or security issues are still being released.

Today we have one of them. It is a small patch, but important for many players. If you have one of these veteran machines, my advice is to connect it to the network and get ready to update. The patch is small, we do not have the weight information, but it is only a few megs, since most of the process has been carried out from the server side.

Xbox 360 solves the problem of the pins or marks

If you no longer have this console at hand, I will detail a little better what has been the error to be solved. First some memory, do you remember what the pins or marks were? Basically there was a section where we could leave our favorite games and apps marked and then go to them without a problem.

During these days several users have been expressing their discomfort at the malfunction. In some cases it has even stopped working completely. So the Xbox engineering team got to work. From her personal Twitter account, Eden Marie, who is the Engineering lead of the team, tells us that the problem is already solved and that if after 24 hours the errors persist, contact support.

It’s great to see how from the company they still have this gesture towards their fanbase. There’s probably still a good base of users using their Xbox 360, and it’s interesting that they want to keep them happy.

Surprise!  Microsoft launches a new patch for Xbox 360 - Microsoft fixes the problem of the pins or marks on Xbox 360, they had been giving errors or failures to certain users for a couple of days.

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