Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy rules out that Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones can be played by new actors

Fans can breathe easy. In a Interview with Vanity Fairthe executive discussed the lessons the studio has learned from the past decade of exploring a galaxy far, far away. That includes lessons from negative fan and critical reaction, including the decision to cast Alden Ehrenreich asas a young Han Solo in Han Solo, a Star Wars Story, which did not achieve the expected success. “Even Donald Glover playing a young Lando Calrissian got better reviews than the lead,” acknowledges Kenney.

We explored this idea at the time, with the screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan. “We both genuinely believed at the time that it was a good idea.” Perhaps we should have shot a series, but in any case, recover the character without Harrison Ford It wouldn’t have worked either.

“Perhaps I should have recognized this earlier. we would never Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford. Having finished the fifth film, I can tell you that there wasn’t a day that I wasn’t on set that I wasn’t like, ‘Yeah, this It’s Indiana Jones.’”

Kennedy went on to say that the studio has now taken this approach with all of its classic Skywalker Saga characters. starwars. “We also can’t go do anything with Luke Skywalker that isn’t Mark Hamill”, He pointed out at another point in the interview. “We’re not going to suddenly try to do that.”

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