Spotify created its own interactive island in Roblox and anticipated collaboration with K-Pop artists

Image: Spotify
Image: Spotify

Talking about metaverses and interactive spaces without talking about gaming is almost impossible. What recently began to be talked about with a great innovation that could determine the ways of relating to other people in the future, is something that video games have been developing for a long time and experiences like the ones it offers Roblox they are an example. In that line, Spotify decided to associate with that platform to create his own island.

From Infobae Latin Power we were able to participate in the presentation and a first approach to the experience that is now available to all players. This space, which unites music and gaming, was anticipated as a “paradise of sound” where listeners and artists will meet.

“Through this interactive world, we are creating a place where fans can connect and create new sounds together, hang out in digital spaces, and gain access to exclusive virtual goods. Spotify Island it is an audio oasis that has it all,” they explained in a statement.

Image: game capture
Image: game capture

For this first stage, players will have a series of activities available on the island. First, they will be able to collect different items -such as musical notes- to complete missions, but they will also be able to perform specific actions that will also have their reward, such as jumping over some mushrooms. You will also be able to collect hearts, like the ones you use in the streaming application to “like” content.

In addition, they will find different interactive spaces with musical notes that they will be able to press to “create music and explore sounds” in which they presented as virtual beat-making stations. Everything is aimed at allowing users to gradually unlock exclusive elements that are part of the experience offered by this new space.

Image: game capture
Image: game capture

Beyond these experiences, the most interesting aspect of this collaboration is the possibility for “artists to connect with fans” which, in part, is going to be through the creation of virtual products in the game. But, in addition, they anticipated that there will be other instances of interaction, which have not yet been announced, and thematic mini-missions, aimed at hardcore fans, but also at more casual listeners.

In this line, they advanced that the first thematic experience will be the k parka space focused on K-Pop. Among the first artists to join is stray kids, one of the most popular groups in South Korea. But the collaboration with SUNMI through items that can be acquired, which includes even his iconic passage in the song “Gashina”.


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