Selena Gomez goes to the White House to talk about mental health

Selena Gomez credit:Bang Showbiz

Selena Gomez credit:Bang Showbiz

More and more artists are using their influence to give visibility and normalize mental health, breaking the taboo around certain diseases and insisting on the importance of receiving proper care, and Selena Gomez has been a leading figure in this for years. countryside.

The star of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ has participated in the Mental Health Defense Forum that was held on Wednesday at the White House and his intervention was based on a message that he has repeated ad nauseam since he made public that he suffers anxiety and bipolar disorder: that everyone should feel safe to talk about their problems “freely and without shame”.

“Just to tell a little about my journey, once I discovered what was happening to me on a mental level, there was more freedom to be okay with what I had, because I was learning about it… He gives the example that it is a theme of the that you can and should speak freely and without shame,” said the singer.

Selena insisted on the importance that all members of society have “access” to adequate treatment “regardless of their age, race, religion or sexual orientation”: “I want to challenge other companies and people to mark difference in the world by taking action to de-stigmatize mental health. We need all the help we can get to develop resources and services and increase youth access to those services.”

In her specific case, she allocates part of the sales of her beauty brand Rare to the Rare Impact Fund, which offers young people access to basic services related to mental health.

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