Rose Villain and Tony Effe will make you fall into temptation with the single “Michelle Pfeiffer”

Rose Villain has achieved “another super collaboration. It is “Michelle Pfeiffer”single made together with Tony Effe which tells of the difficulty in resisting the temptations of the night.

Recently both Rose Villain and Tony Effe participated in the new recording project of Fred De Palma “PLC tape 1”, born with the intention of holding firm the reggaeton flag in Italy without forgetting the roots of rap.

Born in Milan and then moved to New York, Rose Villain she has been passionate about music since she was a child, when she stopped crying only if her mother made her listen to the pieces of Prince.

He started singing and writing thanks to the inspiration of rock icons like i Nirvana, the Rolling Stones and Johnny Cashfollowed by rap icons like Biggie and Tupac.

She moved to Hollywood to enroll at the Musicians Institute, a musical journey that later continued in New York. Rose makes her debut with the single “Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool” produced by the producer and his partner SIXPM. Thus he attracts the attention of the Republic Records label, with which he signs a contract.

2018 is the year of the song “Funeral Party”followed in 2019 by “SWOOP!”, a song produced by Sidney Swift (Nicki Minaj, Beyonce) that takes up the Tag Team classic “Whoomp! (There It Is)”.

The 2020 sees Rose’s musical debut in Italian for a new Machete project signed by Sony Music Italy.

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