Rihanna has become a mother, the father of the baby is the rapper A $ ap Rocky – Shows

Los Angeles (Usa) – Rihanna is officially a mom: the singer, actress and fashion entrepreneur has given birth to a boy. The birth dates back to May 13 in Los Angeles, but only today the gossip site Tmz managed to break the news. The father of the baby is rapper A $ ap Rocky. Rihanna’s tummy was very prominent in the last months of her pregnancy and the founder of the Fenty beauty line was honored on the May cover of Vogue for having “revolutionized maternity fashion”.

In a video two weeks ago we saw Rihanna marry her boyfriend A $ ap Rocky, but it was just the video clip of the new single “DMB” that the rapper has just released after announcing it for months. Described as’ an ode to classic ghetto love story “, the video features Rihanna and Rocky as characters ready for anything, regardless of the circumstances, for the person they love. The background of the clip is a metropolis with popular barracks, but we also see Rocky arrested and then released from prison, welcomed by an ecstatic Rihanna, and then having dinner with her in a luxury venue.

Rihanna naked in 'Kiss it Better'
Rihanna naked in ‘Kiss it Better’

Final with the “marry me” proposal, formulated athrough the gold letters applied to the teeth, and she who answers “yes” in the same way. The video ends with the wedding scene in which the singer, actress and fashion entrepreneur shows up in the corridor of a council house in a red dress with a plunging neckline and a matching veil. The video, filmed in the Bronx in July 2021, sparked a flurry of rumors about a possible marriage of the couple has already taken place. In reality – said sources close to the protagonists – Rihanna and A $ ap are neither married nor engaged, even if they have been waiting for the arrival of the baby for days.

“The whole thing was done for fun,” sources told gossip site TMZ. Rihanna and Rocky already consider themselves family, the source added, and if she were to marry she would certainly make it a mystery: “She would make her aisle her catwalk.” At the end of April the influencer remained close to the boyfriend when he was arrested at the Los Angeles airport for a shooting that took place last November and then actually released on a half-million dollar bail. “When she loves someone she is ready to do anything,” said an Entertainment Weekly source.

To prepare for the birth, the superstar certainly did not lock herself in the house: a few days before she was photographed at the Hollywood Bowl for the Dave Chappelle show, where the comedian was attacked on stage by a spectator. Rihanna was not at the Met Gala on Monday, but her absence was compensated for by a virtual sculpture installed in the Greco-Roman galleries of the museum and “cloned” by the pose that the singer had taken on the latest cover of Vogue dedicated to her maternity experience.

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