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The Barbadian singer Rihanna, 34, has given birth to her first child, according to various North American media such as TMZthat the news has advanced and People. The baby, born last Friday, May 13 in Los Angeles, California (according to TMZ), is the first child of the artist and businesswoman and also the first for her partner, the New York rapper A$AP Rocky (whose real name is Rakim). Nakache Mayers). At the moment the couple has not communicated the name nor has it confirmed the news. A source he has spoken with ET Canada He affirms that the three are already resting at home and that both are “more than happy”. “She was looking forward to being a mother,” she says. People has stated that Rihanna “is fine” and that the two are very excited.

The musicians announced the pregnancy with a photo shoot in which they strolled through snowy New York in late January, with the singer wearing a fuchsia Chanel coat from 1996 that she opened to reveal her bulging belly. The last time the artist could be seen was on May 9, already in Los Angeles.

The singer has been expressing her intention to become a mother for years. In June 2019 she said it clearly in an interview for the magazine Interview: “Having a child is what I want most in the world.” Less than a year later, he reaffirmed himself before the magazine fashion, where he told what he saw himself doing in ten years: “I know that I will want to live differently. In 10 years I will be 42 and old. I will have children, three or four”.

The relationship between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky goes back a long way. They have known each other for almost a decade, but have been dating for just under two years. Although they had been seen together on several occasions, it was in May 2021, in an interview with the magazine GQ, when the rapper himself confirmed it. “I think when you know it, you know it. It’s her”, he assured. “She is great when you find that person. She is like the sum of a million other people ”, he declared then. There they already asked him if he wanted to be a father and he said: “Yes, it is my destiny, absolutely”, to affirm that he would be an “incredible, remarkable, above average” father. “I would have a very cool son,” he assured.

Beyond his musical career, the one that began in 2007 with the worldwide success umbrella and which is on an indefinite hiatus —it has been more than six years since he released his last album, Anti—, The singer has achieved fame, power and millions thanks to her underwear and makeup companies, which are named after her last name, Fenty. In fact, thanks to them the magazine Forbes He has estimated his assets at 1,700 million dollars, more than 1,400 million euros.

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