Reasons why Ferrari can put you on its blacklist

ferrari is one of the manufacturers of luxury cars most important and exclusive in the industry. Not everyone can be a client of the Italian brand and those who achieve it must meet certain requirements, otherwise they will be placed in its blacklist.

And it might seem exaggerated, but you have to think that ferrari It has years of history and prestige behind it, so they are concerned that their image is taken care of at all costs and that no one affects it under any circumstances.

Thus, money is not always enough to be able to acquire a ferrari and some celebrities, businessmen and celebrities have already verified it because they were “vetoed” as clients. Therefore, in Freeways we tell you what are the reasons for which the brand could put you in its blacklist.

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Committing these actions could get you blacklisted by Ferrari

Although there may be some exceptions, the truth is that ferrari He does not beat around the bush and selects his clients carefully, because they are not going to leave their image in the hands of just anyone.

Although there is no precise code that indicates the reasons why ferrari put people in their blacklist, there are general actions that serve as a warning so that they do not have you in their sights.

1. Carry out repairs in an unauthorized workshop. Repairs of any ferrari, whether physical or mechanical, must be done in a workshop of the same brand. The luxurious firm indicates on its official site that, to avoid violating its policies, it makes official dealers and distributors available to customers to provide maintenance.

2. Lower the sale price. Anyone who buys a ferrari and you want to resell it, you cannot reduce its original sale price, on the contrary, some models become so exclusive that they increase in cost every year.

Photo: Instagram @ferrrai

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3. Alter, modify or “tune” a Ferrari model. It’s not that you can’t put a touch of your personality on it. auto, but if there are rules that you must abide by. According to the brand, the “Personalization Program” allows buyers to create the car of their dreams in the Atelier studio ferrariwhere they will be guided by experts to maintain the DNA of the models.

4. Use a Ferrari to advertise. The prancing horse firm does not like its models to be used to make advertisements for other products and brands. Whether it is a designer, company or organization, the photos and videos where a background is seen auto of the company are prohibited.

5. Being a client with a bad image or reputation. ferrari does not let its customers give the brand a bad face, so it seeks that its cars stay away from controversy and the public stage. The violation of this principle has been committed, mainly, by artists involved in scandals.

Photo: Instagram @ferrrai

Celebrities who have been blacklisted by Ferrari

Even emergency situations are not a justification for ferraribecause the Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage had to sell his Enzo for a lower price than the original to pay off his personal debts, which is why he was vetoed.

Perhaps one of the first vetoes of ferrari It was that of the electronic music producer Deadmau5, who in 2013 tuned his 458 Spider and baptized it “Purrari”. Not only was he placed in the blacklistbut faces a legal battle for the intellectual property of the auto.

Nor did it matter that Floyd Mayweather Jr is one of the highest paid athletes in the world, since cars that he acquired spent a lot of time locked in the garage of his house, so ferrari considered that he did not value the brand.

Justin Bieber is another of the vetoed from ferrari. The 28-year-old singer committed several actions that bothered the Italian brand, such as the time he went out partying and forgot where he parked his 458 Italia or when he painted a auto of the Italian house in neon blue.

Photo: Instagram @ferrrai

Not even the most famous businesswomen are saved from ferrari blacklist, Rumors suggest that Kim Kardashian accepted a 458 Italia Spider as a gift from a financial swindler, something that the luxury firm did not like.

Another member of the blacklist is rapper Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, known as Tyga, who angered ferrari Well, he did not finish paying for a Rolls-Royce Ghost in 2012 and a 2012 458 Spider that he leased in 2016.

If you ever thought that to acquire a ferrari It was only enough to have money, now you know that the firm demands more commitment from its clients, after all, being a prestigious brand can afford certain luxuries.

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