Paul Heyman talks about any Reigns vs Cody Rhodes and vs The Rock

Paul Heyman has his say on two of the possible thick opponents for his assisted Roman Reigns. These are the two names that are still among the very few, perhaps the only ones, to be credible challengers for Reigns himself, whose reign as a champion is now truly unstoppable.

The possible rivalry with Cody Rhodes

Heyman spent words of appreciation for Rhodes, going so far as to argue that a storyline involving him and Roman Reigns would be pretty easy to write. Here are the words of the Mad Genius:

“That would be a great storyline. Cody not only carries on a great dynasty, my God is the son of American Dream Dusty Rhodes, but he was able to carve out his own space. He has achieved great results by making his own way. And he created it himself. He contributed to the birth of something [la AEW, ovviamente] which changed the scenarios in the world of wrestling. He is now back, because he thinks he is ready to conquer what he believes is the time to conquer [il titolo WWE, mai vinto in carriera]; the only way he has to do that is to step into the ring with Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. It’s a storyline that would write itself. Cody is very talented; son or not son of Dusty Rhodes he is very talented ”.

The dream match against cousin The Rock

The match between Roman Reigns and The Rock is currently the most rumored among the possible Main Events of the next edition of Wrestlemania. If The Rock’s commitments allow it, WWE will in all likelihood focus on this meeting for the biggest show of the year. Here’s what Paul Heyman said about a possible Reigns vs Rock:

“It just depends on Dwayne Johnson. If Dwayne Johnson wants to be embarrassed, humiliated and defeated in front of the whole world by facing Roman Reigns, he is welcome to take on the Tribal Chief. Good heavens, think of the proceeds that would be there! Imagine the proceeds that could be brought by Roman Reigns against Dwayne The Rock Johnson, a match in which the Tribal chief would destroy The Rock.

We can speculate as much as we want about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stepping into the ring against Roman Reigns, but they’re just more mental. Only if and when there is a piece of paper dahead of us with the signing of Dwayne Johnson, only then will I think it’s real. Until then, it’s just fantasy, Dwayne Johnson’s fantasy of coming to be destroyed by Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Dwayne Johnson’s fantasy is to feel the energy of 20, 30, 40, 50 or 100,000 live people cheering as they watch the Tribal Chief destroy The Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s fantasy of entering the ring with the greatest of all time, Roman Reigns. I repeat it now and forever: until he puts his name on a contract, it will be just fantasy ”.

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