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Actors often face great challenges when it comes to playing someone who has a different physical appearance or expresses principles and behaviors that repulse them, but there should be few as strange as playing himself. This is the case of Nicolas Cage.

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In “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”, which will be given here as “The Weight of Talent”, he puts himself in the shoes of Nick Cage, a Hollywood actor gone to pieces who accepts the invitation of a Spanish billionaire (in the hands of the Chilean Pedro Pascal) to move to his mansion in Mallorca in order to participate in a birthday party

Once there, this version of Cage begins to face increasingly tangled situations and a CIA investigation related to arms trafficking and the kidnapping of a minor, although, unlike what has happened in many of the titles in which the movie star has participated, the style of this ingenious film leans towards comedy, without that freeing it from having strong brushstrokes of action.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Cage maintained that he is “absolutely infatuated” with the film. “I think the full title is very good. I make movies, and they are all like my daughters. I do not regret any; I have learned something from each of them. And this includes those that have been released directly on video, although now everything is going that way, because of the streaming, so calling them that way is simply old-fashioned.

Fed up with those who demand that he go back to making movies like the ones that made him famous-“The Rock”, “Face to Face”, “60 Seconds”, “Leaving Las Vegas”- Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew has defended with nails and teeth its last stage.

“ I love “Massive Talent”, “Pig”, “Mandy”, “Colour Out of Space”, “Joe”, “Bad Lieutenant [Port of New Orleans]”, “Mom and Dad” and “The Trust” because they have allowed me to work with many people, and they have been some of the best work I have ever done in my life. I put them on the same level as the films I made in the first thirty years of my career.”

Although lately the specialized critics do not treat him very well, Cage has been nominated for an Oscar twice and raised a statuette for his portrayal of a suicidal alcoholic in “Leaving Las Vega.” His second nomination was “Adaptation” where he plays Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman, his fictional twin. Despite these successes, most of his low-budget films fared poorly at the box office compared to action-adventure films.

Critics are now preparing to scrutinize whether the Nick Cage of “The Weight of Talent” lives up to the parchments of Nicolas Cage.

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