Netflix backtracks on its defense of diversity in movies and series

Netflix announced a few hours ago that he had fired a good number of employees, cutting its workforce in the United States by up to 2%. This is a measure taken after the poor financial results and the loss of subscribers announced in April. Along with several cuts at the company level, the streaming platform has said goodbye to several animation projects, announcing a new initiative live show of live programs. Now we know that of those hundred employees fired from the company, there are several positions, writers, producers and directors of diversity in films and series.

Netflix fires those responsible for diversity and integration in series and movies

means like Variety Y Business Insider They have echoed Netflix’s cuts in its workforce. We are talking about drastic changes in those responsible for production and community, both in TUDUM as in those divisions called Strong Black Leadfocused on the black community, With everythingfocused on Latinos, goldenfocused on Asian Americans, and Most, focused on the LGBTQ community. These programs sought to support films and series that would facilitate the integration and diversity in the streaming platform and keep different communities informed of the same

As they also remark from Gizmodo, those responsible for these social network initiatives have also been fired, some of which have only been around for a few months. In the past, The Hollywood Reporter announced that it was one of the great successes of Netflix, supporting Strong Black Lead in order to give loudspeaker to the black voices in the mainstream of entertainment. In social networks they have confirmed that many of these dismissals have been made by Zoom, others without prior notice and a good number of them did not know that they had dispensed with their services until they went to access with their credentials.

“We’re making changes to the way we support our publishing efforts, taking into account the internal development of a part of this important work. Our social channels continue to grow and innovate, and we are investing heavily in them,” confirmed a Netflix spokesperson. The streaming platform has announced that it will help all those laid off to find work and that the reasons for their dismissals have nothing to do with ideologies. nor with the quality of their contribution to the company.

Netflix Trans Collective

The measure has generated some controversy in the US, since for some time, Netflix has been accused of being the vehicle of what woke up in it mainstream. according to Elon Musk, responsible for Tesla and SpaceX, this was the main problem in their loss of subscribers. “The virus of woke up is making Netflix unwatchable,” he went on to say on Twitter. woke upthat comes from ‘wake up’ or awakening, is a word that has been associated in recent decades with different movements against social injustice, seeking a greater inclusion, representation or diversity in the most varied cultural and political aspects. It remains to be seen which way the streaming platform will take. A few months ago, the group trans I protested outside the office doors over a monologue by Dave Chappelle.

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